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member (47)member
08/31/2017 10:24AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
EP 31 is designated overnight paddle or motor. I'm wondering if motors are only allowed on Farm Lake itself (outside the BWCA boundary), or if that means motors are allowed past the BWCA boundary and into the Kawishiwi River (up to the first portage, presumably)?
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The Great Outdoors
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08/31/2017 10:42AM  
Farm Lake has no size limits on motors, South Farm has a 25 hp motor limit in the area inside of the BWCA, and there are no motors allowed past the line that goes into the North Kawishiwi River.
member (47)member
08/31/2017 12:31PM  
Thanks for the quick reply. Was just trying to figure how far we'd have to go to avoid any potential motor traffic/noise.
distinguished member (176)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/31/2017 07:10PM  
You will likely not run into a boat on your way to south farm from from in the am. South farm has very little traffic and is pretty.
09/01/2017 02:17PM  
Back in the day we'd take a 16 ft resort boat with a 15hp motor all the way to the 3rd portage, but that was pre-1976. Now a days you won't get any motor noise once you get through Deadmans, the S-shaped narrows area prior to the first portage unless someone is using a motor (very rare) up on Pickerel Lake just to the north of the river.

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