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09/26/2017 11:27AM  
I just moved 4 hours to the north and have an entirely new bunch of local breweries to explore. It's fun.
Any way, the breweries up here have delved into styles ignored where I used to live.
Namely, Belgians and sours. I have been sampling the Dubbels and Tripels at the breweries and lately I brought home an aluminum, pull-top crowler of sour.

Sour style beer is an acquired taste. After my first experience (a Petrus), I swore I never even look at the stuff again. A swig from a sampler tray of a sour brown (Supplication, at Russian River Brewery), a couple of years later, made me think that I could probably learn to like the stuff, at least some of it.

Sure-nuff, within a year I had developed a taste for some sour beers.

I now have two different sours in the fridge as I had bought a bomber of another one in a large, local market. I have no idea what the stuff in the bomber will taste like. I'm exploring.

Any of you upper mid-westerners have much experience with the sour style? While I'm at it, has the pull-top crowler reached the hinterlands?
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09/26/2017 08:13PM  
We've had a sour program at work for about 5 years now. It's kind of a niche-ie beer though. I'll have a glass here and there, but it's nothing I could drink a lot of. We do a lot of fruit sours and I think they're more drinkable. I would think the acid in sours would foul one's innards after more than 3.
09/27/2017 04:30PM  
One of any of the sours is more than sufficient for me. I think of them as a sipping beer, not a chugging grog.
How about those pull-top crowlers? About one in 4 or 5 breweries have them out here. The rest have just started calling their 32 oz bottles (previously known as growlers) "crowlers."
I just now decided to see what The Internet says regarding the definition of a crowler. Online, they say it's an aluminum can. Crowler
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