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11/20/2017 10:01PM  
I've always had a simple, no-fuss menu on my trips. Lots of Knorr's rice, pasta sides, mac and cheese, foil packet chicken, etc. I don't enjoy cooking when I'm up there; I just don't want to be hungry. And I'm lazy. So that got me thinking...

How long would smoked salmon/lake trout last (if I bought it at R. Kendal's or the place in Grand Marais)? A few days? I brought leftover (vegetarian) pizza on my last trip (cool weather), and we had it on Night #3 with no ill effects. I don't want to risk it too much, as a bad case of food poisoning would be even worse up there than at home, but I wonder if there's a consensus about how long the pizza or the smoked fish would be good.

Because, boy, that salmon on some Ritz or Wheat Fats would be one good dinner, at least for me. :)
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11/27/2017 11:01AM  
I would treat it like any other cooked meat, 2 days max.
12/01/2017 11:46AM  
I think it depends a lot on what kind of smoked salmon you get. Go for the leanest, saltiest, driest, least sugared stuff you can and if you can keep it dry and cool it may last longer than you think. You should be able to smell when it starts to go down hill.

As for pizza I have no idea but I think it would depend a lot on what kind and how you package it. I've had it on backpacking trips but not after more than a couple days...

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12/01/2017 04:23PM  
I've seen some shelf stable smoked salmon that had a shelf life of 4 years. That's a commercial process and probably not available from the places you mentioned.

Once you open it, you'd probably better eat it within 24 hours (give or take, depending on the ambient temperature.)

But... just eat it all at once and you're ok. Smoked salmon is delicious.

Buy one pack per day and you're set, right?
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