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      Trip Report - First Time in the BWCA - Sag to Swamp Lake     



12/03/2017 09:41AM
New Trip Report posted by CanoeViking

Trip Name: First Time in the BWCA - Sag to Swamp Lake.

Entry Point: 55

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12/03/2017 02:46PM
Thanks for the report; glad you had a good time despite some "challenges".
03/17/2018 03:27AM
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04/15/2018 03:21PM
That's a good area. The secret to traveling on Sag, depending on the day and if any fronts come in overnight, is to get up early and paddle before the wind picks up a little after sunrise. Rather that paddle through Munker Narrows I prefer to follow the shoreline down to Devil's Walk Bay and then follow the south ends of Gold, Long, and Englishman Islands over to the other shore, and then up to American Point. A little less open water that way.
07/20/2018 07:42AM
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04/18/2019 07:49AM
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