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member (8)member
01/07/2018 09:12AM
Lightly used tent is 8'x9.5', just over 6' tall. External frame wedge tent with a 3" stove jack. Fabric is 4.5 oz. cotton sail cloth, with cotton sod cloth all around the bottom. The weave is so tight it looks and feels like Ventile. Craftsmanship on the tent is excellent, and the overall condition of the tent is excellent, with the exception of a rip in one corner at the very bottom edge, that has been professionally repaired. It has a 5 pole frame (center pole and 2 side poles on each end) made from Easton aluminum poles, easily converted to internal frame with a little trimming of ridge pole . Packed tent, with poles, weighs about 16 lb. Tent alone is about 11 lbs, poles 5 lbs. Packed size with everything in one bag is about 27" long and 11" diameter. No holes, rot, or mildew. Price is $900 US, and includes shipping CONUS.

If interested, email me at
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