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02/05/2018 06:59PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
My husband and I are planning our first PMA trip in August of this year. Given that there are no official campsites, what are our odds on finding a spot level and clear enough for use as a tent pad? We have one hammock. Would it be advisable to pick up another and forego hauling the tent along?
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distinguished member(2527)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/06/2018 04:46AM  
My first reaction was to say Yes, but then I started thinking about all the remote sites that I've been to that had only one good option for hanging. Still, I guess that I'd feel more confident that I'd find two hanging spots than one good tent pad, especially if you don't mind going back in the woods a bit. Do some research. Ask around about some of the sites that you plan to visit and you may get better info on whether a tent is the best option, or a hammock. Going solo, a hammock has bushwhack written all over it. I have been to many remote spots where there is absolutely no spot for a tent. Either way you choose, watch for widow makers.
02/06/2018 12:00PM  
I personally would just bring hammocks. If you only have two good trees you can always hang them bunk bed style. I really don't like the odds of sleeping good in a tent in a PMA. Once set up in a hammock you will sleep like a baby.

02/06/2018 12:29PM  
Thanks guys! Looks like there's going to be a purchase in the near future. We're going to be heading into Mugwump in hammock swinging comfort!
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02/06/2018 02:31PM  

Having been through some PMA's now and some remote spots in Quetico, I would bring a hammock as well. While I did find spots in all the places I camped for a tent, luckily it was only me and I had a small tent. I definitely found hammock trees easier then flat, open, tent spots.
04/14/2019 12:32AM  
There were some areas where only a hammock would work. With the purchase of a hammock for my daughter we now hang on all canoe trips...PMA or not.
senior member (83)senior membersenior member
11/20/2021 05:50PM  
Let to the party here but if you're looking for a recommendation for a good hammock, I can say that I've had an enormous amount of pleasure using my Hammock Mantis UL (ultralight). It's around $269 but you can most always find it for 20% off. It hangs in a snap and is a wonderful three-season performer and it's feather light. Check it out.

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