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senior member (60)senior membersenior member
03/09/2018 03:21PM
Any advice on routes for 6 days/5 nights? We can backtrack out through EP 16 or loop to either EP 14 or 23. Any other exit points you recommend?

There will be 2 of us. Trip #4 for me and trip #3 for him. Both of us are physically fit and athletic and able to push for distance. This trip isn't about sitting back and relaxing and we don't fish. We love to face challenges; when we want to relax we can visit tropical islands!

What are your favorite lakes in the area? How many people should we expect to see? Is there a more remote route to take so we see fewer people? I like the idea of a little river travel and portages don't scare us. The longest we have done is 550 rods. We love little lakes and don't mind all the portages that come with lake hopping.

I look forward to and appreciate your responses! (Almost as much as I look forward to setting my canoe in the water this August!)
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distinguished member (432)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/09/2018 04:01PM
My daughter and I did a nice 40-mile or so loop of this area last summer, you can click the trip reports button under my username to read the report.

It sounds like you're probably looking to cover more ground than we did, and there's a *LOT* of options in this area. At the very least, you could do the loop we did but go on up around the top of Coleman Island, and/or go up to Pocket Lake and explore that area before coming back south.

I've also done a big loop out of Mudro (EP23) and you can see from the maps that there's various ways to connect from the EP 16 area to the EP 23 area. Just mind that the portages from Fourtown back to EP 23 are tricky portages - not terrible, but not fun.

My favorite part of this whole area was Pocket Creek, which was beautiful and isolated. Also, it was a sense of accomplishment to navigate to it through the little islands on LLC. We also really liked Lake Gebeonequet and Oyster Lake.

If you want to prove that bit about facing challenges, you could exit out EP 21: every time I hike the Angleworm Trail I consider how badass it would be to portage the 2 miles from Angleworm Lake to the EP. Those 2 miles are the easiest segment of the Angleworm Trail, but they'd still be an accomplishment with a canoe on your head. And it's a gorgeous lake, without a lot of paddlers (for obvious reasons).
distinguished member(1423)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/09/2018 11:43PM
Sounds like you're a perfect candidate for going or out at Stuart. Longer portage and fewer people than most areas around there.
distinguished member(4298)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
03/10/2018 09:32AM
Here's one option. Norwestern waters
You'd just need to do it in reverse. :)

distinguished member(4423)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
03/10/2018 03:54PM
Sounds like you may like in 16 and out 23 cutting south just before crooked on beartrap or even earlier on Dahlgren the first day You will miss all of crooked this way,or maybe LLC ; but hard to see it all in one trip anyway. In 16 and to Stuart and out 19 is probably too short a loop, but a possibility as posted above. Sounds like you can figure on 15 miles a day.
distinguished member (437)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/11/2018 10:17AM
Here's a quick outline of a trip that has good variety of lakes and rivers.
Once you reach Agnes, head over to Oyster. From there head north to Gebeonequet. Then west through several small lakes Pocket, Finger, etc, over to South/North Lake. This area sees less use than going up to Lac La Croix. Then through Section 3 pond head south to the Pauness Lakes. From here you can see how the travel has been going. If you have time you can head back east through Shell, Lynx, Hustler, Oyster, back to Agnes, then back to entry 16. If you don't have the time for that, you can continue south and exit at entry 14.

This is a very nice area, and the section south of Lac La Croix and between the Moose River and Little Indian Sioux sees less use.
senior member (60)senior membersenior member
03/11/2018 11:31AM
distinguished member(1591)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/11/2018 11:34AM
My favorite area in that part of the Bdub is in and among the small lakes just south of LLC. It's not that heavily visited relative to areas farther south, the lakes are clear and beautiful, and big LLC is just a short portage or two away for some beautiful paddling and exploring (if it's not windy).

The closer you get to the Echo Trail and entry points, the busier it will be.
senior member (60)senior membersenior member
03/16/2018 01:03PM
So I have planned out no less than 5 full routes (perhaps more) with this entry point. It's amazing the number of routes I can dream up with this EP. I'm leaning towards less distance traveled and more adventurous/unknown conditions with entering a PMA. I have compiled days of research while on the clock. . . who cares, every one else is watching March Madness! Anyway, I have printed off sections of Trip Reports, stuff from bwcawild, and Pad Plan (which will not route through a PMA but still is useful).

Anyway, there's Sundial and Weeny with Sundial exiting at Mudro and Weeny making a loop back to EP 16.

Sundial Proposition:
EP 16 to Iron Lake
Down the Bear Trap River
Enter Sunday Lake and set up camp (PMA permit)
Back on the Bear Trap River
Enter Bear Trap Lake
Finish up trip by exiting at Mudro

It's not the most conventional route I have read about. Most trips through this PMA are East/West to/from Stuart through Nibin, Bibon, and Sterling and utilizing Sterling Creek

Weeny Proposition:

EP 16 up to Nina Moose to Oyster to Hustler
Enter PMA and go up the creek/swamp/bog to Posse
Perhaps set up camp (PMA permit) if the way was rough and tough, if no, push on to Finger Lake and exit PMA here
Visit the Pictos and Warrior Hill (we have an unexpired RABC)
go down through Ge-be, Green, Rocky (picto) and back to Oyster
Head into Ramshead and then Lamb to change it up a little and exit back out EP 16

This route intrigues my husband but he hasn't heard about Sundial yet.

Over all does one seem more remote than the other? Anyone want to travel with us to remove my leeches and ticks (barf face, this is my primary BW fear)? Have you been to either of these? Bonus points for past 2 or 3 years. August conditions? I realize we could be facing long portage/bushwacks this late in the year but we aren't packing on the miles and this trip will be tough in it's own right.

Thank you again for your input!
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