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      Entry point 16 may 24th     



member (17)member
04/08/2018 11:22AM  
We lost our 4th person for our canoe trip planned for may 24th. Entry point is moose river #16 and plan on base camping for a few days on Agnes and day tripping to the LLC. Nothing set after that so we are flexible.
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senior member (54)senior membersenior member
04/13/2018 08:25PM  
I have a permit for entry 16 on May 10 which may not work out due to ice. Since I’m retired switching to two weeks later can work. I like to travel and fish everywhere.
member (17)member
04/15/2018 10:54AM  
I think we met for a minute at wings night in apple valley last Friday. I think we can work something out for the trip. Can you email me and we can talk it over or get a phone number. I’m hoping this is the last snow storm of the season and the ice will be out.
distinguished member(752)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/19/2018 09:20PM  
I may be interested also if pg does not workout. I have a kevlar tandem or a solo and would paddle either. I have all my own gear.

When were you planning to exit?
member (17)member
04/22/2018 10:38PM  
I think the plan is around the 1 of June. Nothing is written in stone so we are flexible with out date. What are you thinking? I have a bell 17’6” we could use or if you prefer yours we could do that. You can email me your phone number and we could talk more if you are interested.
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