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04/12/2018 03:54PM  
When do the biting bugs in Wabakimi subside? Late August?
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04/13/2018 10:21AM  
In late July and through August, I have had no issue with anything but mosquitoes.
And those only were an issue for about an hour or two at sunset.
I have not been in Wab during June or early July.
04/13/2018 06:06PM  
I've been there in both June and July and haven't been too pestered by flying insects. As already stated, they do come out at sundown though. I think it depends a lot on moisture levels and precipitation.
04/14/2018 09:31PM  
After 11 years of traveling in the greater Wabakimi area during May, June, July, August and September, I would agree with both respondents. The only month I never experienced any bugs was September but by then the weather is really starting to turn much cooler. The one place that appears to be different would the Albany River which I am told is noted for a world-class bug population. I was there for two weeks in August and I have never experienced the massive mosquito population we encountered throughout that trip. But it was the very rainy season of 2009.
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04/15/2018 03:59PM  
12 summers in Wabakimi with The Wabakimi Project.
August '06, Grayson River, few bugs,
Aug. '07 Grayson River, Dawn Lake and Slim River, few bugs, except on the portage from Dawn Lake to Slim River, hellious mosquitos in the damp air.
Aug. '08 up the Savant River, bad bugs on the portage to Redmond Lake and at sunset... worst mosquitos ever, for one night. The rest of the time, few bugs.
Aug.'09 Savant Lake bottom end, was a damp one, bad mosquitos, few other bugs.
Aug. '10 Smoothrock Lake, nice sunny weather, a few mosquitos, little else.
Aug. '11, Albany River, Miminiska Lake to Petawanga Lake, very few bugs.
Aug.'12 further down the Albany R. to Opichuan Lake, few bugs.
Late July '13, a few bugs early on the Atwood because it was very hot and dry, later on it cooled off a lot so not many.
Early July '14 on the Ogoki River, plenty of mosquitos as the river was 8 feet above flood. Bad portage from Mahamo L. to French L. ... 650 meters of horse flies and deer flies under the canoe in foot deep muck and water. An ordeal.
Late Aug. '15, two weeks on the Big River, a few mosquitos but no other flies.
Early Aug. '16, other end of the Big River, hot and dry, few mosquitos.
Early Aug. '17, Vale Creek south of the park, pretty dry except for 6 hours of thunderstorms one night, few bugs. Sunny with a breeze, ideal conditions.

Is there a trend? Probably... the later the better. Late August is usually the best time to go for bugs.
04/15/2018 04:59PM  
Hey Ken, If you recited all that from memory, I am impressed....
I do mainly June trips and haven't been too bothered by bugs, but some folks have told me that I have a weird tolerance... For what it is worth, haven't worn a headnet or bugshirt, though have been with folks who opted for those, on occasion. I certainly do use some bugspray, now and then.
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04/15/2018 05:45PM  
Hi Ray,

I can remember most of the campsites I've been on too. I also have a tolerance for bugs. I rarely wear my bug jacket and only bug spray my hat, over the ears and under the brim.
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