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04/13/2018 01:52PM  
Almost the time of the year for skate skiing in the B-dub; a period of nearly frictionless travel over lakes on a crust of snow or frost atop spring ice. Right now the snow on the lakes is too deep- good skating only along sun-warmed shores or wind-blown portions of the lakes or early mornings after a cold night that sets up the crust (don't get caught far afield when it weakens or it's a long double pole home). When the lake snow gets thin the skiing really begins- cover a 3/4 day canoe journey in a matter of hours.

As an aside there was still enough snow in the woods to accommodate a three hour ski on the North Arm trails yesterday.
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04/14/2018 02:15PM  
Thanks for the notice. I will be up next weekend and will think about bringing skis.
member (21)member
04/21/2018 08:43PM  
Crust skiing is still going, today we had a beautiful ski: Ojibway, triangle and then onto the Kawishiwi River, truly spectacular!
04/21/2018 10:25PM  
Skiied around Brainerd today and that is probably it for this year.
Use to love to do ski trips from Little Gabro to Bald Eagle lake area for the day. Long daylight days and short sleeve weather. Awesome. Get days like that and would rather ski than canoe anytime.
We did get a lot of slush on lakes around Brainerd today.

Do watch the narrows or points where there is current underneath,they will fool you this time of year. Be it Kawishiwi river,Little Gabro-Gabro or other.

member (21)member
04/22/2018 06:57AM  
Thanks, good advice, last weekend we skied Fall and Newton Lake. There was quite a bit of open water from the convergence of the various water ways.
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