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      Two Great Concerts in a Week     



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04/15/2018 04:31AM
Took a couple vacation days and saw "The Newsboys" last Sunday and "Casting Crowns" last night. We'd seen the "Newsboys" before and had agreed they were better since Michael Tait became lead singer, but I never thought the addition of Furler and Joel would make them even better! Just wish they would have done more songs with the whole crew.

"Casting Crowns," what can I say? I could have listened to them all night long, especially when Megan's angelic voice sang from 20-30' away! Now back to the old "Salt mine" this morning!

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distinguished member(13825)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
04/20/2018 04:09PM
Very nice looks like an awesome time !
04/21/2018 09:20AM
Quite the weekend!!! Awesome
04/21/2018 09:20AM
Quite the weekend!!! Awesome
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