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04/17/2018 03:40PM
My group and I are heading in on Memorial day this year through Saganaga and getting a tow to American Point. We plan on heading down Ottertrack and Little Knife. we will be in for 6 days, so we have options to fish this area and I am wondering what some of you might recommend. My plan as of now is to base camp on Amoeber for the first 3 days and then move to Hansen/ Ester area for a day or 2 before we tow out. I thought this would be a decent lake to camp on as you have quick access to Little Knife and Topaz.

I want to find the biggest fish (don't we all), and I assume that will be on Knife. But I fear that wind and overall popularity might cause some disappointment. What are your experiences with Knife? Is it worth trying to fish on little Knife or would you just push on to the South Arm? I would like some seclusion as well, so the smaller lakes like Amoeber, Topaz and Cherry are all appealing as well. I just don't know what the fishing will be like. I landed a really nice Lake trout on my last trip, and I have the itch REAL bad to land another. Best fight of my life!

Feel free to comment with your experiences or suggestions if you have them.

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