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05/25/2018 10:41AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
This post has been edited and updated on 1/19/2023.

All purchasers of Ontario fishing licenses must have an Ontario Outdoors Card. Both Outdoors Cards and Ontario fishing licenses may be purchased online at

Current cost of the Outdoors Card is approximately $6.50 USD and are good for three years.

Current cost of the 8-day Conservation fishing license is approximately $25 USD.

Current cost of the 8-day Sport fishing license is approximately $40 USD.

You may buy a 1-day, 8-day, 1-year or 3-year license. (No Outdoors Card is needed for the 1-day license.)

Ontario Fishing License fees in Canadian dollars. The current exchange rate is approximately 75% so the above prices can vary a few cents one way or the other.)

It is strongly encouraged that fishing licenses be purchased in advance of your trip with the starting date chosen at time of purchase.

Example: If you'd like to purchase your 8-day conservation fishing license today, but your trip isn't until September 15, you would just enter September 15 on the online form as the start of your 8-day license. Obviously, wait to buy your fishing license until you have purchased your camping permit. is a very simple and easy way to buy (or renew) your Outdoors Card and buy your fishing license. Buying online eliminates the extra time needed at the ranger station and gets you on your way after you've gotten your permit. And you don't needlessly hold up any groups that may be behind you in line.

For the record, Outdoors Cards and fishing licenses are sold at the Atikokan, Dawson Trail, Cache Bay and Prairie Portage ranger stations. Beaverhouse and Lac La Croix do not offer that service. (NOTE: To repeat, please buy them online.)

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THOSE WHO MAY DELAY AND WANT TO BUY AT THE RANGER STATIONS: The internet service at the ranger stations is connected via satellite. Service is not guaranteed. You may want to buy a fishing license at the ranger station, but be out of luck due to the internet service being unavailable. Just one more reason to buy online at before you leave home.
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member (13)member
06/05/2019 11:16AM  
I just got my Chrismar map for Quetico and it said in there that a Sport fishing license is mandatory.

Is this true?

I purchased a Conservation license for my trip already
distinguished member(605)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/12/2019 11:27AM  
You might have the words mixed up a little here. The Outdoors Card is mandatory, good for three years. The sport or conservation fishing license can then be purchased.
distinguished member(851)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/28/2019 07:15PM  
I just finished getting my fishing license. This post and others like it really help take away the "Am I getting the right thing?" ordeal.

Thanks for this and other posts of information.
06/27/2020 07:37PM  
I have the outdoor card and 3 year sportsmen license printed on the card. So you can get combo that way also or the 3 year conservation license. Yes I suppose you can buy the 3 year card and than buy annual or 8 day or other license.

2020 is my last year on the card which looks like it will not get used this year. That's okay because it's for a good cause and I am sure their revenue is down also.
01/19/2023 01:10PM  
Information for has been updated as of 1/19/2023.
03/01/2023 11:42AM  
Worked like a charm! Thanks for link. Phil
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