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05/31/2018 12:34PM
Hi All!

My wife, dog & I are putting in on EP 16 in about a week.

We're heading up to Lac La Croix via Nina Moose & Agnes.

I've done this route before, but water levels make it vary greatly.

Who has been up there recently, and what's it like?

Any tips on current conditions/fishing would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
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member (7)member
06/01/2018 07:52AM
Doing this same trip in 3 weeks, looking forward to your report! I would think given the winter we've had that water must be high right now...
senior member (74)senior membersenior member
06/01/2018 08:27AM
Just got back a week ago Wednesday. Water levels are fine. Some beavers have been busy on the rivers, we were able to paddle through the dams, but they could be beefier by now. There is one extra ~5 rod portage between the two 20 rodders early on on the Moose River -- around a sharp bend with a sweeper tree.
We had zero mosquitoes (that's probably changed!), and black flies were just beginning. Have a great trip!
member (12)member
06/06/2018 08:04AM
Just got back yesterday and the water levels are higher then I have seen compared to the last couple times I went through. The damns were very limited and we were able to pass them with ease including heading back up steam on the way out.

The sweeper tree on the small 5 rod portage has been cut and we were able to avoid portaging and simply paddled right on past.

Make sure to stop by the rapids just north of the portage into Boulder Bay. The Walleye were stacked just below the rapids and the Smallies right above.
senior member (56)senior membersenior member
06/13/2018 11:24AM
I just was there on the 11th and water was considerably lower then on my trip in September. It didn’t cause any problems just made some of the landings less ideal.
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