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10/03/2008 09:24AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Now that we've had time to reflect on our trip to Wabakimi and consider whether it was worth the extra money and planning to go there as opposed to the BW or Quetico.


1. It was more expensive, a little. I had to buy 1 tank of gas in Canada which was $1.19 Cdn per liter, or $97 US for a tank. Drove a lot farther. The float plane was $218 US one way (out). The cost of the train was really insignificant considering they put our canoes in the baggage car.

2. Good campsite and portage information takes lots of research. You can't just follow a map with red dots and lines. You have to call and write people who have been there and compile the data.

3. Campsites are small and scarce. You could go a long way looking for a place to pitch 2 tents.


1. There is a lot of territory to cover. It's about the size of Yellowstone Park and there are NO roads into the park. You can really get off the beaten path and get away from civilization.

2. There is a lot of variety. You can take an easy route to an impossible route. Rivers, lakes, whitewater and remote pristine wilderness.

3. Challenging. The flip side of the con's on portage and campsite information is that you really have to know how to read a map and understand terrain. Not only are the portages hard to find, they are hard to land and hard to walk, in the more remote regions. You can negotiate any level of whitewater you are comfortable with or portage around it.

4. The fishing is fantastic. Less variety (mostly only walleye and northern), But they are large and plentiful.

5. Solitude. We never saw another canoe party for a whole week. If it had not been for a few fishermen who were flown into remote outposts that would have been the only people we saw in 2 weeks.

The verdict: I can't see ever going to the BW or Quetico again unless I am camping with kids or the handicapped (like my wife who is blind).
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10/03/2008 11:00AM  
x2 pete. getting there is always a big expense for me no matter where i go in canada. flying is an expense, but you don't have to fly depending on your route or your travel preferences. flying gives you more options in the near north parks, and is just about a requirement in the north. other than that, the park/crown land fees can be a big number depending on your trip, but unavoidable if you stay legit. we saw more paddlers in an hour in the quetico this spring (the off season) than we did in two weeks in the wabakimi, and you might say that we went out of our way to find those guys. two canoes in my last 400 miles isn't many. i've lost interest in paddling 48.30 also. i prefer the challenges that those northern trips north to the coast.
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10/10/2008 08:52PM  
So fellas, when are you going to lug me along up to Wabikimi?

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10/10/2008 09:25PM  
mark, haven't you heard? the canadians won't let finns into the country in 09-they claim all those finns wiped out the pike population.

...besides, aren't you about to get married?

we tested our sisu in there in august. you would understand that.

fishing was too easy-they jumped right on the stringer. pete caught so many fish he got bored.

doctoring going well?

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10/11/2008 05:58AM  
i'd rather be on the albany.
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10/11/2008 09:00PM  
Hi guys,

Been studying a lot. Going to be really busy this Winter but should have time off in June next year. Right now I have 3 weeks off so I am going to do a solo for 4 days to Ensign lake (NE of Ely). If any of you are interested a buddy of mine and I are planning a snowshoe winter trip next March.

Hope you guys are doing well - Keep in touch when I finally get done with all my training I will be taking trips left and right.

I'm gonna need pete to sew me up all sorts of cool nick-nacks. Congratulations on retirement.
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