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member (35)member
06/11/2018 10:11AM

Thinking of a mid-July trip from Kekakabic-Frasier-Little Saganaga-Ogish. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this route? We'll be entering/exiting from Seagull. It looks like a long loop but it goes through an area that we haven't been to yet. The past two years we've looped through Ottertrack-Knife-SAK, etc. or Ottertrack-Ester-Cherry-SAK, etc.. I am assuming that the southern area is a little flatter and wetter. How about people? Given it'll be July, As crowded as SAK and Ogish, a little less crowded or a lot less?

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distinguished member (292)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/11/2018 03:24PM
Nice route! I have only done Kekakabic and Fraser on that route, but I liked them both. I was last through there in mid June 2013 I believe. Kek is a big, attractive, open lake. We did ok trolling for Lake Trout around the islands in the southwestern part of the lake. We stayed at site 1422 on the northern shore roughly north of Little Kek. Great site.

We liked the route through Wisini to Fraser. Wisini is a neat little lake with a cool campsite at the narrows in the middle of the lake. We also liked Fraser, but just paddled through, so I don't have much to add there.

Sagus is supposed to be good for walleye. If you have extra time, you could head up to Raven for some small lake Laker fishing. That middle part of your route doesn't see much traffic - enjoy it!
member (24)member
06/11/2018 06:12PM
Sounds great to me. I will be headed north from Fraser on the 14th of July with my Boy Scouts and I have never been in that stretch either. We will be heading to Ogish and beyond
distinguished member(10288)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
06/12/2018 09:58AM
I have done parts (see my 2016 trip report) and looked into others assuming you plan to go from Fraser to Cap to Hoe on your way to Little Sag. That part sees little travel, but there are also few campsites. The campsites are generally not highly rated and may not be suitable for a larger group. How many of you will there be?

The portages are generally listed as brushy with some flooded out portions.

I'd suggest checking the maps section here, as well as any trip reports that go through there. A lot of the information on portages and campsites in the maps section is old, but a few more recent entries and trip reports indicate much of it is still valid.

I went from Fraser to Cap to Boulder; that section is not terribly difficult. The portage from Roe to Cap is some distance back into the creek on the east. Look for a narrow opening in the grass on the north and a landing. It's a good trail and probably shorter than indicated on the map. A slightly awkward put in on Cap.

I stopped at the campsite there for a quick bite, but didn't really look around too much. Not much of a site - it sits up on a rock where I could have set up a tent, although it would have been exposed in bad weather. It would have been adequate for me as a solo (I'm not as particular about sites as some groups). I don't hang so I didn't really explore the back side down behind the rock for other options.

The portage out of Cap has a good trail and a long gradual climb to the intersection with the Boulder portage. I don't know about the continuation to Ledge.

I saw no other people (in Sept.) from Sagus to Adams. Actually did not see anyone from the Kawishiwi River (Kawishiwi Lake entry) a couple of miles above the Alice portage until the last campsite on Fraser where I planned to camp. I continued on to Sagus only to find it full! You never know! I backtracked to Shepo and stayed there.

Have a good trip! Please post a trip report and updated information on the portages/camps.
member (35)member
06/12/2018 12:29PM
Thank you for your responses, everybody.

We will be a party of five: 2 adults, 3 kids (12-15 yo), with two 4-man tents. It sounds like we should be able to at least squeeze two tents on those sites if one is even available. If not then it just might be a long paddle/portages until we find one on the other side.

I expect to leave the Frasier/Shepo/Sagus area early in the morning and work our way East for as long as it takes. It would be nice to stop at the site on Cap or Ledge but we'll just keep moving if they're taken. I don't have any experience with "emergency" layovers and hopefully we wont need to deploy tents in a non-approved area.
distinguished member(10288)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
06/12/2018 12:57PM
I know you could set up your two tents on Cap, but it won't take you very long to get there. It would be a solid day to Hoe; a pretty long one to Little Sag. Little Sag is a pretty lake with some nice campsites.
member (23)member
06/15/2018 02:53PM
Was just on Kek-fishing was slow, better on little Kek but smaller lake trout. Had bear issues. Hang your bear bag even during the day if you are at camp. Hung out 3 days with issues every day. This bear has a bad burn mark on its head and some mouth scar. Not sure the story.
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