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07/02/2018 08:45AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
My wife and I took a trip in early June and we've done our own food for a few years now, but we got more adventurous this time. (and it all worked out well)

Last year our garden was crazy and we canned a bunch of pasta sauce. For the trip, we dumped a jar onto the dehydrator and then put it in a food processor to make dried, shredded pasta sauce. It rehydrated wonderfully and we had amazing spaghetti 2 nights.

Another new attempt was a dessert. We had a bunch of berries this spring and rhubarb. We sliced and dehydrated blueberries (which take forever) strawberries, apples, and rhubarb. We also brought a small ziplock of oats mixed with cinnamon and spices and a mini container of sugar. We used a big of crisco block to hold the "streusel" part together and rehydrated the berry mix with water and sugar. Turned out to be a very tasty dessert.

Pizza made on tortillas was our last, not-so-daring new item. I bought tomato paste in a toothpaste tube type container, pre-cooked bacon, and one of the cylindrical containers of 3-cheese mix. (used with pasta above too) Medium size fire, tortilla, tomato paste, cheese and bacon and rotate on the fire grate for about 6 to 10 min.
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07/02/2018 02:49PM  
Sounds great. Consider baking a pizza crust next trip. Always the looked forward to meal for us. I use a JMO but can be done in a pot with lid or foil, or even in a fry pan. Jiffy or Pillsbury pizza dough mix. (Which also makes good fry pan bread.)
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07/22/2018 10:16PM  
I've done pizza from the mixes in camps
We used a frying pan and "created a cover tent" to go over the pan with heavy duty foil that was a little bigger then the pan to follow the heat to rise pass the pan and cook the top
07/25/2018 04:19PM  
Pita bread makes a great pizza crust too. Either whole and topped like a pizza or split like a calzone.
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