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member (14)member
07/06/2018 08:52PM  
Planning on using Red Rock and or Alpine Lake as base camp. Looking for info on what other lake in that area for Northern SM Bass and Walleyes?
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Miller Man
Guest Paddler
07/07/2018 03:25PM  
I am not sure you are going to want to leave Red Rock. We fished on the south side of a little island that is just north of a bigger island on Red Rock last July and just slayed some pretty large walleyes. We used leeches and fished there for three straight nights and caught more walleyes than we could count. None of them were smaller than 18 inches. We also caught a couple Northerns and several Smallies (biggest Smallmouth I have ever caught) that were of pretty big size to. The walleyes would start right at dusk and probably continued on into the night, but we would always stop at dark because the mosquitoes were so bad. We would usually arrive to the island around 3p and catch smallies and northerns until the walleyes started biting. Take leeches, you have to take leeches though for the Walleyes, they didn't care for artificial. We plan on making a return trip to Red Rock next July and that is where we will be found every single day/night fishing.
member (14)member
07/07/2018 05:17PM  
Thanks for the info :)
Question on leaches what type container did you use for them? Also were you vert jigging or 3 way?
member (11)member
07/07/2018 09:07PM  
We used them while bobber fishing and we kept them in the containers Tuscarora our Outfitter put them in for us. Basically they were small minnow buckets because you have to keep them in the water at all times to keep them alive.
07/08/2018 06:47AM  
I think you'll find northerns, SMB and walleyes in most of the lakes in that area, including Ogish, Kek, Knife, Spoon, etc.. We fished that area in 2016 with pretty good success. You can also go north through Red Rock into Red Rock Bay for good smallmouth fishing.

You'll need to buy an $8 Leech Locker or other container specifically designed for leeches. Don't use any type of minnow bucket, the holes in the minnow bucket are bigger than those in a Leech Locker, and the leeches are able to squeeze through the holes and escape. You wouldn't think they could, but they do. Take it from experience, I discovered I lost about 70% of my leeches a few years back using a minnow bucket. Woke up the first morning and saw 5 or 6 of them still squeezed half way in and half way out of the minnow bucket holes.

member (14)member
07/08/2018 06:05PM  
Thank You for the info.
All the information everyone has given me will be put to use.
Any more information will be liked :)
07/08/2018 07:42PM  
Ogish if you feel to portaging that far in. It's three short portages further from Alpine and worth the trip if the conditions are right. Lots of structure on that lake.
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