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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum
   Group Forum: Solo Tripping
      Details to be determined...want to join up?     



07/25/2018 02:48PM  
Starting the planning for my fall trip with intent to enter the BWCA on 9/16 or 17 and come out the 21st. A nice drive back to the twin cities and join up with the wingnight revelry will put a nice finish on the trip.
So far I do not know where although a check at the reservation site reveals pretty much everything is available.
I expect to be traveling solo and am open to input from others wanting to trip about that time. Either a group solo or meeting up at designated points has worked very well in the past. Open to input...details to be determined.
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07/25/2018 03:13PM  
Will get back to ya Ben but am doing the same thing with PJ another member that seldom posts. Let me ask.

07/26/2018 07:13AM  
I'll be going in after the get together if your dates change.
07/26/2018 08:02AM  
Ben, PJ and I have EP27 Sept 15th, Snowbank, heading to Ima for a few days. You are welcome to join us. Email for more details, if interested.

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08/14/2018 10:45PM  
I just looked at my daughters volleyball schedule, September is pretty tough after the 7th. Might have to wait and see how the season goes.
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