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      Voyageur Highway Race in fall?     
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member (18)member
08/12/2018 09:15AM
I haven't been on this site for awhile, but I recall a group that in the fall was going to be doing the Voyageur Highway. I think BeaV may have been the organizer but after 20 mins of searching, I can't find info on it.

Could someone point me to it?
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member (18)member
10/02/2018 08:29PM
Thank you. I thought I was going to be notified by e-mail but didn't. Looks like it was a good race.
10/03/2018 07:22AM
Here was the posting as the Challenge occurred this year. 2018 Border Route Challenges
I know you showed some interest is doing it, but assumed you had changed your mind when you didn't reply back to me.

These challenges will happen again next year so if you're interested start doing what it takes to get ready. Oh, and I'm not the organizer, just a guy helping others get the chance to have an awesome trip.
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