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09/07/2018 07:19PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

Food for my next trip. Located some freeze dried bacon. Sampled a few pieces before re-packaging in the photo it's the black foil bag. Redwicks Freeze Dried Bacon,sold thru Ebay, looks to be out of stock for now but it's slices not crumbles and tasted real good out of the bag. Way lighter than even precooked. Something I will buy again!


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09/08/2018 03:55PM  
For years I've always used dry cured slabs that we've brought along with us on longer trips. A quick car camping trip trout hunting in Pa a friend brought along the "shelf stable" precooked stuff. Added to anything else it wasn't bad, but what we discovered was that we were lacking "bacon drippings" for a number of different camp meals over the trip.
So I gotta ask is this stuff precooked?
09/08/2018 07:22PM  
Cooked then freeze dried no grease but a feel and taste, great tasting out of the bag cold. Have cooked real bacon in camps, precooked Nunskies and vac sealed, experimented with store bought pre-cooked. This stuff tastes as good as fresh made, just not drippy, and bit crunchy. I cook with minimal oils or fats when camping, so it will do fine for me.
I expect it to be more of a cold on the spot snack after tasting it!

Scrambled Ova Easy eggs some FD green onion bits and maybe cheese powder with the bacon seems an easy and fast breakfast or lunch.

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