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member (45)member
09/11/2018 07:33AM
Planning a Quetico trip in late May 2019 in the Ranger bay area.
Group will be 4 teenagers and 4 adults 3 tents. This will be teenagers first trip and they are very exited.
I would like to camp at the old ranger cabin sites but if they are taken what are my options to accommodate this size group?
I have noticed on some maps there are some campsites back in ranger bay and have very little info on them. Interested in the 2 bigger islands with sites for teens to explore without worries.
Does anyone have any info on any of these campsites?
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member (43)member
09/11/2018 05:34PM
I don't believe there are any campsites that fit your needs on those two islands. There is a campsite (I guess I'd call it that; it has a fire ring) on the fair SW corner of the island where campsite RG is. I did not find RG on that island but there was something where you could put up a single tent in a pinch on the SW corner.

But you should be ok near the ranger cabin. The old ranger cabin campsite is really a combination of three or four campsites. Especially if someone is camped out at the cabin itself, I do not see any reason why another group couldn't camp out in the campsite the furthest away (but still connected)--it is about 150-200 yards down the shoreline. There are even other campsites in between the two.

There is also another campsite on the same peninsula as the Ranger cabin that is not connected to the ranger cabin campsite. It is marked as NM. I do not know the quality of the site but I saw a 9 person group (looks like Venture scouts) staying there this summer. I would think it would work for your group.
distinguished member(1744)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/11/2018 08:38PM
There is a site on the sand beach on the opposite shore from the cabin and back up into the bay. I'm not certain if it will hold a group of your size but I found it to be a nice site some ten years ago.
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