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distinguished member (248)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/13/2018 04:54PM
How many people here hunt in the boundary waters? I never have, and probably never will. There are too many other spots around the state I hunt, plus with 2 small children it can be tough to find time. Seen a lot of lakes with rice that would be good for ducks, and growing burn area edges for grouse and deer. Just curious, how is the duck, grouse and deer hunting?
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distinguished member(2645)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/13/2018 05:55PM
Grouse can be good in some years, I sure wouldn't go to the BW to hunt deer or ducks.

Yes, there are nice deer in the BW but it is big woods and alot of hard work, if you want to go duck hunting head to NW MN, or North Dakota.
ND is called the duck factory.
distinguished member (248)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/13/2018 06:30PM
I make a trip to ND every year. It is insane the amount of ducks and geese. I have seen a lot of teal and woodies when paddling through lakes with rice. Grouse I thought would be good in the young Aspen. Deer I know would be a low population, but you have to figure there are a few boone & crockets up there in the big north woods:)
09/13/2018 08:08PM
Stu form the BWJ does yearly guided deer hunts. From my memory of reading stories it can be highly rewarding but definitely a lot of work and no guarantee of success.

One of my employees, husband bagged a moose a few years back, his story was like listening to pioneers...once again a lot of work.

I hunt pheasants in Iowa once their season starts from beginning to end—-with work and family that is about all I have time for these days. Hunting in the BWCAW wa son my bucket list but realistically it isn’t going to happen with other higher priority activities.

Zwater you should join the hunting group on here.

distinguished member(1714)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/13/2018 08:43PM
I brought a shotgun once on an October trip and saw and got one grouse. Last week I saw a good deal more grouse, including my dog rousting 7 in one spot. Saw only about a dozen total puddle ducks paddling LISN, and virtually all the wild rice was gone. I know there are some, but I've never seen any deer, or even a print on a portage. Just me, but I can't imagine going there for ducks or deer.
09/13/2018 11:29PM
While on fall trips I've taken a shotgun along and shot some grouse. I haven't gone to the lengths of bringing a dog or anything but when I've tried, I usually come across a handful in a trip.
09/13/2018 11:38PM
In the '70s the bluebills came thru mid October. We hunted wood lake and did very well. Since, they have slid over to come down through north Dakota I presume. Great memories... Usually had to deal with ice forming...
distinguished member(13153)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
09/14/2018 10:07AM
If you get some fast freezeups or like a snowstorm in Canada I have seen mallards and black ducks in high numbers flock into areas of the BWCA in very high numbers. When grouse were high in the 80's and 90's trails in the BWCA or abandoned logging roads were excellent. Grouse numbers at present is much lower.
I would like to go and shoot one black duck to get it on my bucket list. Use to see lot of them grouse hunting,but wasn't hunting ducks at the time.

I have had seen huge bull moose's while grouse hunting.Once while walking a trail I looked up and 20 yards in front of me was a wolf coming my way. All of a sudden it flushed a grouse which landed in a tree above me. The wolf and I stared at each other and than it walked away. I just couldn't shoot that grouse that someone else treed.
Also had a bear on the trail once about the same distance,it seen me and scambered away.
Lot of great fall memories. The BEST.

The biggest Bull Moose I seen was in the Eact area that individual was lost by Isabella lake and wrote the book Lost in the Wild. The week I heard he was lost I wondered if he could of took a abandoned loop which slowly peters out. He did and got lot lost and made ,many mistakes. The was the best area I ever had for Ruff Grouse. That is all burnt over now.

Use to camp on Posse lake or Quadna.
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