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09/25/2018 08:08PM
The old man and I are heading in next Tuesday for a eight days. We originally were going to fly to Cache and go out Stanton via falls chain etc, but had a change in plans. Will be looking to put in at either Stanton or BHouse and take out at one or the other.

I'm wondering if the recent rain it looks like the park has gotten would make Deux passable, or maybe Jean creek? We talked about maybe heading to Bentpine then either north to Oriana, or south via Jean creek to Sturgeon then either up through Lonely then to Stanton (or possibly Nym).

If the Deux is feasible, we'd be likely go in Stanton then do a loop probably over to Lonely then back around to Stanton via Maria, then Pickerel narrows. I had a passing thought of trying to make Camel or Veron (two places I've been eyeing for several years), but could be pushed for time for that to be feasible.

So, I'm just looking for recommendations on a decent loop. Also, any thoughts on fishing? This will be the latest I've been in, but not by much, and looks like temps are forecast for highs in the forties to low fifties. Obviously water will still be pretty warm in comparison, is that more of a factor than the air temps?

Thanks in advance!
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