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11/10/2018 11:27AM
The Chicago area is making the transition from autumn to winter. Temps will be below the average for awhile. Pictures are from my yard: last of the leaves on a maple tree and the first snow of the season on a Hornbeam.

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11/19/2018 08:05PM
I love the BWCA and the northern MN lake country. My first experience with Prairie was at Frontenac State Park many years ago and i did not like it. Over the years though i have come to appreciate prairie landscapes, hiking and camping. For fall colors they can be excellent. At this particular park the views of the Mississippi River aren't bad either. We now go back to Frontenac every October for a few days and really enjoy it.

11/19/2018 10:49PM
Frontenac looks like a very pretty place in the fall. Lovely view of the river.
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11/20/2018 09:53AM
Beautiful pics, Lindylair, especially the ones with the Sumac. Growing up spending my time down at the river (Mississippi) in the woods I never thought I'd like the prairie either? I guess I thought it would be kinda like extreme SE MO flat as a pancake row crops, but was I wrong! Some of my favorite pics are prairie pics.

So, here's a pic of the early snow here at the farm and one of the SD prairie:
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