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11/28/2018 10:33PM
So after some research I am really thinking it might be voyageurs for us this time. Does anyone know or have experience beyond Crane with VNP? Fishing is important to us. We don't mind traveling through big waters we would like to cam p in a more sheltered area if possible. Thanks
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11/29/2018 09:58PM
This is the area that got me into the BWCA in the first place. Lots of fond memories.

We were on the largest houseboat offered that slept thirteen, and my dad (who passed away the summer after our trip) threaded us through the needle that is King Williams Narrows with perfection! It's an absolutely GORGEOUS pass.

Grassy bay is good. We definitely saw tenters and canoers, but just know that if it's a windy nasty day, Namakan and Crane Lake and Sand Point are going to make you wind bound.

Depending on your time, a paddle up to Kettle Falls - stop in at the bar and have a cold one. Definitely a cool stop. The very top of Namakan is very narrow and speedboats aren't plentiful. If you can make it up there, I think you'll be very happy. Took us three days to get there by HB though.

Here's a photo from our campsite on Grassy Bay. It's definitely more of a HB site, but it was an AMAZING sandy beach site none-the-less. We brought PVC pipes and played Beersbee at this site.

Personally, I wouldn't canoe this area. I'd rent a HB, but its GORGEOUS none-the-less, and I hope you have an amazing time!
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11/30/2018 12:25PM
Voyageurs is gorgeous. However, the lakes are big and at times conditions may not be good for canoeing. You may also run into quite a bit of boat traffic. Some of the boat operators seem oblivious to standard safety rules and at times can be fairly dangerous.

Your typical BWCA canoe may not be a good choice for these lakes. You'll want a big deep canoe with a bit of rocker. I've paddled across Lake Nipigon in a seventeen foot w/c prospector. Even in very large swells, I never felt in danger of taking on water. I have an 18' Chestnut Prospector that can stay dry in conditions that would ground any other canoe. Even a Grumman would be a better choice than say a MNII.
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11/30/2018 01:35PM
I spent 2 weeks paddling around Voyageurs in my Wenonah Prism putting in at Crane Lake about 12 years ago. Campsites are all first come first serve and I spent some nights away from campsites because I couldn't get one, often times watching boats speed up to them as I was paddling towards it.

Keep in mind when planning your trip as to how big the lakes are. They don't look that big on a map but when you see them in person they are huge. Plan for no direct crossings if there's much for wind and stay by shore as much as possible and you'll have a good time.

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12/03/2018 02:58PM
Something to note...a few years ago Voyagers went to ALL reservable campsites. They are no longer first come first serve. Guess that can be good or bad. This applies from May 1 to September 30 each year.
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