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12/01/2018 05:02PM  
Resilience will become available sometime after mid-December for Camp Fire victims. Bought from a tap or Sierra Nevada cans, one-hundred percent should go to the Camp Fire Relief Fund.
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02/23/2019 04:52PM  
I got my first six pack of Resilience in January. It's very hard to find because it sells out rapidly.
Easier to find are the concoctions (with different names) made from the same basic recipe as Resilience but usually have a very different flavor. I don't know what they do to make them different but they are different. These are sold from taps in the breweries and not in cans.

So far, my favorite is Resilience.

I am wondering if anyone in the midwest has stumbled upon Sierra Nevada's fund raiser.
02/24/2019 08:56AM  
Yes..... I've seen it at a some beer stores in central MN. Good stuff! I've brought home a 6 pack of it a few times. I really like the name!
03/08/2019 12:11PM  
That's better than where I live which is only about 80 miles from Paradise. We've only had one six-pack in the house. At first, we went into a lot of stores and checked pictures in the ads. After that first six-pack, we let up and haven't found any since then.
I been through Chico a few times but haven't stopped at Sierra Nevada. We will make a special trip this year.
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