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01/17/2019 06:32PM
I thought it might be fun to share our favorite podcasts and YouTube channels... there is a ton of good information out there to help us continually improve. Here are some of sites that give me inspiration:
Thomas Heaton A down to earth Brit.... takes us into the field on his YouTube Channel
Adam Gibbs Adam Gibbs youtube Channel
Jim Brandenburg's Daily short videos
Lenswork Brooks Jenson has an interesting fine art podcast
Recompose Podcast Nature photographers Juan Pons and Andy Williams
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distinguished member(2139)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/21/2019 04:01PM
Your channel is fantastic too, Gary:

Hamer NaturePhotos

01/22/2019 02:34PM
Ha, thanks Joe! Actually the slide shows on my channel are more like trip reports with a few purty photos thrown in. The guys I linked to are more about the craft... taking us into the field with them and sharing their thoughts about how they approach their photography.
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