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02/12/2019 10:46AM
I've never thought of myself as a base camper, but I suppose I am. I bounce down a logging road to a lake, unload the canoe, and camp at one site for a week. There are several differences between BWWCA basecamping and what I do. There might not be a site, so I might have to find one. No site will look like what I see in BWWCA campsite photos, so open and flat. I'll never have to wonder if I'll find a place to camp, as I'll be the only person on the lake. I do have to wonder what I'll find, road-wise and campsite-wise and fishing-wise. I scout the lakes with Google Earth, which is great, but limiting. I could google the lake, but have never found any first-hand accounts of any of them.

I do camp in luxury, i.e. a chair and plenty of food. I like the solitude and the mystery. I've landed on a few lakes where I couldn't catch a single fish. I've fished at least as many lakes where I caught a fish on the first cast.
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