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      Enough time to fish ?     



distinguished member (409)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/17/2019 11:52AM  
Plan this year is 12 days leaving Snowbank june 10th ish and going up Disappointment , Irma , Fraser, Kek , down Knife and Vera. Then meet a shuttle on the Boot portage. If you love fishing is this to much paddling and not enough fishing ? My dog and i have many trips under our belts but this route would be a few more portages than our last few trips. There are some pretty great fishing lakes on this route that i have to see.
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distinguished member(1958)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/17/2019 12:49PM  
no, to your question. troll the lake trout lakes, work the shorelines. in 12 days, i think you will be just fine, enjoy.
02/17/2019 07:21PM  
What I tend to do is just travel on travel days. Reels are packed and rods secured in canoe. Travel all day to a lake you really want to fish then set up and layover. The next day is your day to fish. Rinse and repeat.

I like this concept because setting up and tearing down camp takes a lot of energy and effort. I'd rather put in a 8 or 10 hour paddling day with built in layovers vs. paddling 4-5 hours and setting up every day.

member (46)member
02/18/2019 09:19AM  
I will have days that the main goal is to cover ground but I always have a casting rod handy just in case. There are a few lakes that I wrote off because the fishing was slow in prior trips but did very well in later trips. This could be to recent weather conditions, water depth, time of year, etc. I also troll a lot on travel days.
02/18/2019 10:44PM  
I think the reason I don't fish on travel days is because #1 it really slows you down. #2 there's more clutter. The rod has a reel on it, tackle bag/box is out... It makes it that much more difficult at the portages.

It all comes down to personal preference. I know my brother and his kids hate not having a line in the water when traveling. They are fishing fanatics. I'm more of a "watch the scenery and look for animals" guy when moving. Once set up at a site then it's time to get serious about fishing.

02/19/2019 10:32AM  
That's more than adequate time for that route. You can layover 6 or seven days with that amount of time. Plus the days are very long that time of year.
distinguished member (190)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/18/2019 03:34PM  
I am with Tom on this one - on travel days, I travel - that is all. I usually have a plan - travel days are for making progress and rubber necking - then base camp at a place I really want to explore. Here I day trip to other lakes, shore lunch, explore the timber, camp sites, climb rock outcropping etc. I try to eat an earlier supper and a later breakfast so I can fish prime times also.

Base camp days = fish explore rest days. Travel days = travel only. This works best for me and my dog Jake.

03/19/2019 10:11AM  
This would be too little travel too much fish time for me.
03/23/2019 04:06PM  
I'm with Tom for the most part. On days where I move and have big lakes or long paddles between short and/or few portages I will troll while moving. Typically on these days I have a small tackle box in my life jacket and quick straps for the rods and paddles. Not too much hassle if not a lot of portages. When you paddle and 8-10 hour day without fishing you can paddle through many great looking lakes. Sometimes that can be more tormenting than the extra work at portages.
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