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03/19/2019 02:41PM  
So every summer in the BW I see all sorts of ducks and promise myself I'll come back in the fall with a dog, some decoys, and maybe even one of my kids. Anyone done any duck hunting in the BW, have any tips, suggestions, etc?

I'm thinking that finding stands of wild rice would be a good place to start.
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03/20/2019 05:57PM  
that's not very nice...... JK

I haven't done it........ but I ran across a youtube video of some guys that did a bear hunt entering at Island River towards Quadga. They didn't get a bear but they did get some ducks from their canoe.
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04/12/2019 03:50PM  
I know a guy who goes up yearly around deer hunting opener (if the lakes aren't froze). He told me the lakes he hunts, but I can't say them here.
He limits out on the divers every morning. Bluebills, redheads, buffleheads, and golden eyes are all in the mix.
I have been asked to go, but I am in deer hunting mode that time of year:)
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