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04/04/2019 06:36PM
Planning our traditional August trip between oldest son's internship and start of fall classes for both boys. I think I have convinced dad to go along as well. Youngest son is the fisherman, oldest son just wants wilderness. Dad and I also fish and are not picky. Youngest son wants to target walleye and/or pike since we catch bass down here in Iowa. Dad turns 70 in a few weeks and is probably in better shape than I am but we do not want a long trip. Plan to base camp and fish. Maybe some day trips of interest.

Here are my potentials so far.
1. Baker to Jack
2. Hog Creek to Perent
3. Sawbill to Smoke

Thoughts? Open to other suggestions as well.
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04/05/2019 10:43PM
Moose River North to Agnes. Lots of day trip options and good fishing. Campsite availability could be the only issue. And river levels if we have a dry summer. The hog creek trip is a piece of cake, but really nowhere to go from there.
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04/06/2019 06:13AM
I like it!. I could see how this could be very busy. Dad had mentioned the Horse River so this sounds like similar but new area for us.

Hog Creek idea was mainly because Perent seems to be an exceptional walleye lake, at least for numbers.
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04/07/2019 02:34PM
In mid-August you may have to travel a bit further into the BW to find a campsite. If your Dad is in better shape than you try this one:

Entry 37 - Kawishiwi Lake to Malberg Lake. It is a long day in and a long day out, but I think you will find that Malberg has the walleye you are looking for. River Lake to the northwest of Kawishiwi is rumored to have some good sized pike. Day trips include:

Southwest - Head out the west end of Malberg to River Lake and turn south to head to Fishdance Lake to see the pictographs. Troll some spoons as you go. If you have time, take the chance to at least walk the portage toward Alice Lake along the Kawishiwi River. Very beautiful spot.

West or Northwest - Again head west out of Malberg to visit a very picturesque Amber Lake with a sand beach spot for lunch. OR head northwest on the loop to see Adams/Boulder Lakes.

Northeast. - The portage out the northeast corner of Malberg follows a canyon and falls that drop again into River Lake and head northeast to Kivaniva, Pan, Panhandle, and Makwa Lakes. Huge cliffs on Makwa to visit.

East - heading east out of Malberg puts you on doorstep of the wild and remote, Louse River. Head over to Frond and Boze Lakes to try your hand fishing, but be prepared to pull over several beaver dams on the way.

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04/07/2019 08:13PM
Coach, here are my thoughts...
I have not entered via Sawbill nor gone to the fire lakes, seems like nice territory but popular.

Baker Lake north is a great trip. Easy portages, very scenic, popular moose sighting area and good fishing. You don't say how much time you have for the trip. But heading up that way i would consider going up to South Temperance, one of the prettiest lakes in the BWCA full of points bays and islands and good fishing. On the north end of the Kelly to Jack portage is a short spur trail that would lead you to abandoned gold mine for you to explore. Kinda neat. There are a couple longer portages north of Weird Lake but nothing too tough. In mid August, which is when we went, you will be treated to long stretches of river like paddling with a lily pad extravaganza, literally thousands of them and they are beautiful. Staying on the NW campsite on South Temperance we found solitude and an abundance of raspberries which made for some amazing morning pancakes. If you don't have that much time there are nice sties on Jack and Kelly and it is known for good fishing and frequent moose sightings, a bonus to any trip.

Kawishiwi to Malberg is a great trip, 4 hours to Polly which isn't a bad place to stop, Or 7 hours to Malberg. Remote feeling, lots of great campsites, numerous daytrip options, good fishing.

Hog Creek to Perent...if you want an easy albeit frustrating trip in with virtually no portages this would be good. Limited daytrip opportunities but Perent itself is a beautiful island studded lake with good walleye fishing. It is a big lake and shallow so prone to windswept days that limit activity. But not always. Hog Creek is interesting at first, but then ultimately kind of boring, but a means to an end. I love small river canoeing, this wasn't that scenic. But if Perent sounds interesting it is definitely an easy in with beauty and fishing.

If it were me I would do an out and back to South Temperance through Baker, depending on how much time you have. Or if an easy in and basecamp trip is what you want, the Homer Lake trip would be perfect.

Trip report: Baker Lake

Trip report: Kawishiwi entry

Wild Card idea: Homer Lake July 2018

Think you would love this. Easy in, scenic, quiet, great exploration and fishing up the Vern River
distinguished member(905)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/08/2019 08:09AM
I like Lindylair's suggestion of South Temperance Lake. It is one of my favorite routes and paddles. Be aware of two things about S. Temperance.
There are only 4 campsites on this lake. Mid August is busy and you may have to push on to N. Temperance for a campsite. (Paddler's also access S. Temperance from the Brule Lake entry.)
Of the 4 campsites only 2 have good tree cover for shade. Being mid August, the temps could be warm. (The one in the far northwest is best.)
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04/28/2019 04:33PM
Vern river seems like a nice overnighter for a fall trip with my wife. Headed up for a fall color tour with potentially an over night trip into BWCA. Sounds fairly easy trip in but some nice solitude and scenery.
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04/29/2019 08:45PM
Here's some information on the Baker to Jack option.
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04/30/2019 12:15PM
TuscaroraBorealis: "Here's some information on the Baker to Jack option."

Nice! I always enjoy your trip reports. A couple questions for you TB.

1. Have you been to every entry point? You go on a ton of trips :-)
2. I see you are using a double paddle. My son has been pressing me to do this and I have been reluctant I guess for no other reason than tradition. Is this something you recommend? Does is make steering easier or harder or the same?
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