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04/20/2019 11:22AM
I will be in the BWCA this summer guiding canoe trips, more specifically in the general Atikokan area as well as the Quetico area. I've been through the BWCA a few times and have fished with a spinning rod in the past. However I'm now more comfortable on a fly rod so I'd like to be primarily using an 8 wt for pike and smallies and possibly the 8 or a 5 wt for Brook Trout. I'm unsure on the average size of Brook in lakes so any input on the better outfit would be appreciated. Going through the message boards and other online resources I haven't found much of any information on Brook Trout lakes, streams or any definitive locations for them in the Atikokan area or the Quetico. I don't expect anglers will be coming out of the woodwork to give me their secret spots, but I was wondering if there was any resource or common known brook trout lakes or spots in that area. Would also love any additional input or advice to brush up on the brook trout and pike fishing in the BWCA, it's been a few years since I've been able to fish up there.
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04/20/2019 11:46AM
What outfitter are you guiding for?
04/20/2019 03:58PM
Northern Tier, went through twice as a Scout and was able to land a job there this summer.
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04/20/2019 06:22PM
Good for you! I don't have any advice about the trout, but Rapalas in perch, and 5 of diamonds daredevil will catch the pike. Also, frozen Ciscos or suckers on a bobber.
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04/27/2019 11:35AM
A 5 weight would be sufficient for Brookies even though Brookies in lakes can get to and surpass 20 inches you can still handle them just have to take your time . Check with the outfitter if they don’t know what lakes might have Brookies in them I believe there’s a publication that lists them but can’t think of it off the top of my head .
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04/27/2019 11:56AM
Here's a link to an old brook trout thread......

Brook Trout thread
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04/29/2019 08:56PM
The 5 weight will handle the brookies but you will find you will have problems in the wind (which might be 50% of the days). Also it might be a tad under powered for big streamers

I have found the best lake rod for combo smallies and brookies is a 7wt. Smallies and pike, the 8 is perfect. Only brookies in a lake situation, then I guess a 6 would do...its nice to have a choice though and take the lighter rods when conditions and tactics allow.

Maybe think about picking up a rod (6 or 7) on sale sometime. The Fenwick Aetos and HMG's are awesome rods for the price and often on sale at Cabelas.

For the brookies re. flies, anything really as long as its meat. They love streamers! Rabbit, marabou etc it all works. My biggest tip for all lake fly fishing is a clear intermediate line. Awesome tool for working multiple depths, casting or trolling, casts like a dream too.

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04/30/2019 02:00AM
I usually go 2 for the small ones on the Minny side. Use 5 for steelhead run, use 3 for sinking line for walleyes in June for the damn mayfly hatch. I usually use 3 for everything from Minnesota to Alaska. Fishing beaver ponds and the streams southeast of Ely I’ve been burnt plenty of times by big raging brookies. Guess it depends on the waters ya fishing youngster.
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04/30/2019 10:38AM
North of Atikokan, Gray Trout Lake and most of the lakes in that area north of Clearwater West lake have big brook trout. They are the same strain of brook trout that Nipigon has. There are also northerns in most of the lakes, but no walleye or smallmouth in that area. Contact Browns Clearwater logde and talk to Barry.
04/30/2019 01:37PM
Thanks for the thread, I was able to pull out some good info! Unfortunately I won't be fishing much on the Minnesota side. I'll make sure to check out your instagram page.
04/30/2019 01:41PM
Thanks for the info Moonman, I'll be sure to check out that intermediate fly line.
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