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member (49)member
04/29/2019 09:11AM
My wife and I are taking our boys (5, 6 and 8) on their first BW trip. We've pulled a permit for Moose for the second week in August and plan a 5 day, 4 night loop through Wind, Wind Bay (Basswood), Indiana, Good, Hula, and Wood.

I would appreciate any tips on family friendly campsites (bonus points for a beach), fishing spots, blueberry spots, or anything else that might interest the boys. As for fishing, we will be 5 people in a 4 seat canoe so fishing in the canoe may present a challenge. If you are aware of any good shore fishing opportunities, I'd love to hear about them. We'll bring leaches and size does not matter at all; I just want to them to have positive memories catching fish.

If you'd to keep your secret spots secret, please e-mail me! :)
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distinguished member(624)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/29/2019 11:16AM
Sounds like a great trip! I’m planning on taking my family of five on their first overnight on a very similar route this summer as well. I know the southern island site on Wind is a good one, but it’s popular too. I think there may be old cabin remains in the NE corner of Wind also, fun place to explore. Pike and smallies should be easy to catch on Wind, especially if you’re bringing leeches. That’s about all I know on your route, I’m sure others can share more valuable insight. Have a great trip!

04/29/2019 08:22PM
I've been a part of two different groups that has made this trip. Both were made in June though when the fishing is better most anywhere. Our favorite lake was Good. Caught lots of fish, big panfish, but also pike, bass, and walleye, including a 32 incher. Best campsite was the one on the south end but the eastern one would prolly be easier to land a big canoe, be kid friendly, and wasn't too bad overall.
distinguished member(1176)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/30/2019 06:37AM
Wife and I stayed at the western-most site on Indiana a few years ago. Loved it. Before she woke up I caught 4-5 out-sized bluegill from shore on a popper. Great morning. Great site for us, and as I recall, I think it could accommodate a bit larger group. I really liked the whole lake as well - quiet, clear, great smb numbers.
member (49)member
05/01/2019 05:31AM
These are very helpful. Thank you all.
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