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member (13)member
05/18/2019 12:04AM  
Hi friends,

Planning a solo trip to Bower Trout/Marshall/Swan Lake on Memorial weekend 2019. I am comfortable jigging with plastics to catch (and fillet kind of) panfish, but am hoping to take the next step on this trip. Have a ton of questions:

I want to be able to catch and eat my supper, although of course I will plan/pack alternatives. Should I focus on panfish for this trip since that is what I know? Or should I try for walleye or smallmouth? How do I fillet either of those guys? Are there things I need to look out for taking them off the hook, such as the teeth, that might get me? Tricks to take those kinds of fish off the hook? Tools I may need? What bait and tackle this time of year? Suggestions for kinds of fishing pole? I just have a $20 rod/reel from Fleet Farm that has served me well on panfish, good enough?

And once I have the fish (hopefully) caught and hopefully filleted, what is the best way to cook/prepare them? I have the newer MSR pocket rocket and will have fuel. Should I use Shorelunch or something else??

Is the fishing better on Bower Trout, Marshall, or Swan?

Thanks all!
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member (15)member
05/22/2019 09:56AM  
Never fished those lakes but this time of year the walleye fishing should be good as they should still be shallow. If there are any areas with running water try that otherwise wind blown points or shorelines. Don’t be afraid to bring some leeches in. Jig and a leech is our go to presentations for walleyes. Fish those with a jig or slip bobber should work well. The smallies will definitely hit plastics, so will the walleyes. My favorite plastics are b fish n tackle moxies and pulse r’s As far as cleaning them I’m not sure how you do panfish but do them the same way. Either cut right through the ribs and remove after or clean around them. Always nice to have a needle nose or forceps for walleyes, lots of sharp teeth. Smallies you can just grab my the lip. We usually just bring some shore lunch or something and some oil and pan fry our fish. Good luck and be safe!
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