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member (49)member
06/05/2019 10:01AM  
Just got back from trip down the Allenwater river and back up the Nemo river. Already planning on my 2020 trip. The Nemo was fantastic, so would like to do that down and then come back to the tracks on Ballast Creek. The Wabakimi project planning map shows a route on Ballast Creek, but the portage book has no pages indicating this route. Wondering if anyone has done Ballast Creek? If so, how was it? Don't mind some beaver dam "portaging", but don't want that to be every 10 minutes either.

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distinguished member (316)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/05/2019 06:09PM  
We were on Granite Lake at the bottom heading towards Van Ness, Cache and Onamakawash Lakes. We took a look at the Granite end of Ballast Creek. It was August and the water levels were very low. The first 1/2 km was negotiating boulder fields, then the water got shallow, as in 6-8" with some pools for the next km or so. Not fun, not even negotiable. It would involve a lot of dragging over gravel and rocks up to 10". No portages were visible, no old blazes on trees. Not a route from Granite Lake south. Our crew the next week went from Granite to Van Ness, down through Cache to Onamakawash to the tracks. Here's a picture 1/2 km upstream from Granite Lake where the shallow km or so started.
member (49)member
06/06/2019 07:55AM  
Thanks for saving me the struggle. I'll look for alternatives or just up and back the Nemo.
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