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member (13)member
06/10/2019 11:53AM  
I will be going up in a couple weeks, entering at Beaverhouse. Are there any reports regarding the black fly situation this year? I am hoping the peak will be over by late June.
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member (50)member
06/10/2019 04:03PM  
Black flies were bad the last week of May. We were in the Ranger bay area on Basswood.
06/10/2019 04:33PM  
Black flies usually peak the first big warm up of the year. Meaning now.
distinguished member(5221)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
06/10/2019 05:49PM  
They were pretty bad in late May\early June. On the bright side saw the fewest skeeters ever.
distinguished member(1960)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/10/2019 08:41PM  
Ten days ago in the Q I had lots of gnats but, thank God, they did not seem to be of the biting variety. At least most of them
distinguished member (258)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/11/2019 04:01PM  
I got out on June 9th after a week. The first three and a half days were exceptionally wet and cold with few bugs. (The night time lows just above zero.) The second half of the fourth day the sun came out with a mid 70’s temperature and the bugs started to arrive. The fifth and sixth day were hideous with temperatures in the high 80’s. Even though I camped on a windy point on day 5 the black flies were awful and were troublesome on the water in windless areas. It is not fun living in covering clothing above 80. On day 6 the wind was even stronger and there were no blackflies or mosquitoes. But there swarms of ankle biters that were landing on any exposed surface. There were so many I had to run into the water for my swim as they were all over me. To get into the tent I ran in a circle and over fifty still got into the tent. When I added water to my soup there were over 15 floating in it. The last day was no problem because I was paddling into a really strong wind.
06/11/2019 04:59PM  
QueticoMike: "They were pretty bad in late May\early June. On the bright side saw the fewest skeeters ever."

+1. Few mosquitoes... but they were big and easy to spot!
06/11/2019 08:59PM  
Just finished a week on the Turtle River northeast of Quetico. Only had one lunch stop at Horse Falls at which we experienced a lot of black flies, otherwise not too bad. Don't know if we just missed them or just beat them. Good luck!
member (13)member
06/12/2019 07:49PM  
Thanks to everyone for your responses! It sounds like the peak black fly hatch is happening now. Hopefully it will be over in a couple weeks!
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