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senior member (59)senior membersenior member
06/18/2019 10:56AM  
Only pay shipping... search free cush seat on their website.
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06/18/2019 11:59AM  
Unless I'm missing something, it's a free Cush Seat (normally $12.95) with purchase of a regularly priced sleeping pad.
senior member (59)senior membersenior member
06/18/2019 12:12PM  
Hmmm.. I ordered it alone only paid shipping.
06/18/2019 12:56PM  
Looks like the free gift may vary. Post a link of how to get the cush seat for free (plus shipping). Use the "Add a link" function below the text box.
member (27)member
06/19/2019 06:41AM  
Free Cush Seat : Pay $8 shipping I believe.

Free X Pillow: Pay $10 shipping.

I can confirm the offer works shortly. I ordered a pillow on Saturday and received a shipping confirmation from Klymit on Monday.
06/19/2019 08:50AM  
Thanks for the links. Order placed.
distinguished member (317)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/19/2019 10:43AM  
Call me skeptical, but there is no way to find that offer from their actual website. It looks legit, but seems odd that you can't find it by going to their "deals" section on their own normal site.

The "checkout" page that comes up from going through the links provided is also very different from their on-site checkout page, and is a completely different web address.

senior member (59)senior membersenior member
06/19/2019 02:27PM  
member (27)member
06/19/2019 04:25PM  
I had the same initial thoughts. However, if you search "Free pillow" on Klymit's website it does take you to the offer linked above, at the same website linked above. I have received a tracking number for mine, I will post back here once received.
06/19/2019 09:38PM  
I have gotten three emails from Klymit. The last was the tracking information. I copied the tracking number and went to the USPS tracking site and it shows that it has shipped.
06/19/2019 10:39PM  
Thanks for the heads up. Pillow ordered though I'm not sure I really need one
distinguished member (115)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/21/2019 11:32AM  
I recently bought the Klymit V insulated pad. A free pillow came with it. I'm not very impressed with the pillow. I will not be bringing it on my next trip. But...I will be bringing my travel size My Pillow.
06/21/2019 06:51PM  
Came today as expected.

I like the pillow and seat cushion.
senior member (86)senior membersenior member
06/25/2019 12:08PM  
Got both of mine yesterday. I think the seat folded over is a better pillow than the pillow.
member (27)member
06/26/2019 08:35PM  
I got our two pillows yesterday. I like it, but a few night’s sleep on our upcoming trip on Friday will allow me to provide a better review.
distinguished member (463)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/27/2019 07:57AM  
I have owned and tried several inflatable pillows. They initially feel comfortable but I soon find myself awake with stiff neck and shoulders as I am chasing the pillow around the tent. The pillows have all been too thin and slide away too easily.

It is difficult to find an inflatable pillow over 4 inches thick. In my search to find a thicker pillow I came across an inflatable that is marketed as a foot rest. It is priced less than $4 so I ordered one. It is the first and only inflatable that allowed me to sleep comfortably through the night.

The fabric is comfortable, and by placing the tall side of the the wedge shape under my neck the pillow is forced towards me and locked in so that I am no longer chasing it. My only issue so far is that the inflation valve is difficult to use and not as well designed as the other inflatables I have owned.

Inflatable Pillow

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