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07/08/2019 10:32AM  
Here is a route plan being proposed by my tripping partner. Any suggestions or comments?
Looking for campsite and fishing pointers.
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07/11/2019 11:36AM  
There really are not set campsites in Wab.
Usually a spot that looks like it will be a good campsite will have an old fire ring.
But for existing campsite info purchase the Wabakimi project map set that covers the route.
For the route you show it will be Vol.3.
Note that those maps show campsites that are big enough for 2 tents or more. Small 1 tent sites are not mapped, but they do exist.
07/19/2019 03:40PM  
I haven't been on that route but I'd like to go! Looks like fun. I'll echo jcavenaugh's advice about campsites. Bring a decent saw or trail hatchet to clear blowdowns on the trail, particularly if you are heading over portages where there are no outfitter cabins nearby (they tend to keep some trails clear to good fishing holes). Always build in an extra day or two for that unexpected storm or obstacle. How many days are you planning and who is flying you in? If fishing is a priority, you can probably limit your gear to going deep for walleye sitting on the bottom (deep running shad raps in 7s & 9s) and orange jigs with plastics. YMMV. Pike are prevalent too :)
07/19/2019 05:59PM  
Alas...I'm stuck in the city for another summer....
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