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member (25)member
07/24/2019 10:10PM  
New Trip Report posted by nazgirl1

Trip Name: First trip to BWCA with my partner.

Entry Point: 47

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distinguished member(7251)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
07/25/2019 05:53AM  
Well done! Thanks for sharing.
07/25/2019 06:12AM  
Thanks for the trip report and pictures. I always enjoy reading reports from first-timers for whom it is an entirely new and different experience. It makes me remember my first many years ago now. I'm glad you had such a good trip.
member (25)member
07/25/2019 11:40AM  
Thank you. It was very fun!
member (25)member
07/25/2019 11:40AM  
Thanks. It was definitely a new and very different experience. I loved it!
I had heard all about going, but its very different when you experience it firsthand, of course!
How many times/ years have you been going up?
07/25/2019 12:11PM  
First trip was 2002 - I was hooked. Second trip was 2006. Every year since.
member (25)member
07/25/2019 12:20PM  
Oh. That's great! I would like to make it an annual trip too. My kids want to go, as well, since seeing pictures and reading of my adventure!
Where is your favourite place to camp, and favourite lake to visit?
07/25/2019 03:55PM  
I have a few trip reports on here you can read for some ideas. Horseshoe is a nice lake - I like it and have been in that area 2 or 3 times (2012 trip report). Have been in Kawishiwi Lake several times and have traveled in various directions (2014 and 2016 trip reports). I've been in and out of the Round Lake entries (EP #51& #52) as well as Cross Bay EP #50 in the same area. Snipe is a cool little lake, Tuscarora is nice, as is Little Saganaga. On the west side of the BW (Ely) I've liked EP #16, Moose River North (headed back this fall), EP #14, Little Indian Sioux River North, and Mudro EP #23. Lots of other options too.

There are lots of trip reports out there to read for ideas. FYI, if you click on the Maps & Entry Points tab at the top, then on Route Guide, then an entry point, you'll get a list of trip reports for that entry. Enjoy reading them!
distinguished member(1447)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/26/2019 05:50PM  
Wonderful to read a trip report from the viewpoint of a "first timer". Sounds like you will be back. Thanks for sharing.
member (25)member
07/26/2019 06:42PM  
Thanks so much for the thorough info. I will read some trip reports, and look at the different lakes and entry points you mentioned.
I'm glad that you are able to go up each year. It is a wonderful way to " unplug".
member (25)member
07/26/2019 06:44PM  
Thanks. It was definitely a fun trip. I will absolutely go back. I'm planning my trip already. Lol.
07/27/2019 06:29AM  
That sounds like a perfect first trip. I brought my step brother there for his first trip as well. Nice, easy, great views, etc. Glad yours went well.
member (25)member
07/27/2019 05:59PM  
Thanks. It was. The weather held out for most of the trip, and it was very beautiful!
That's great that you were able to introduce someone to the BWCA as well.
I plan on bringing my children up next time.
07/27/2019 09:34PM  
Very nice trip report. Glad you had a nice first experience.
member (25)member
07/28/2019 08:08AM  
Thank you. It was great!
07/31/2019 08:52AM  
I just love when first timers have a great trip! My one suggestion: while it's fresh in your mind, make notes of everything that worked and didn't - food, clothes, other gear, etc. I always use to think I would remember, but I never did. Now with 25 or so trips, I still take notes and use them for planning the next trip. Thanks for writing up the report!
member (25)member
07/31/2019 10:24AM  
That's a great idea. Thanks, I have started to do a little of that with the clothing. I will go back and add to my notes about the food and other things.
It was a great trip.
Thanks for the advice!
08/04/2019 11:42AM  
Great trip report, hon! Glad to have such a 'happy camper' and good paddler along. Let's start planning the next one!

-David a.k.a. Croixboy96
member (25)member
08/04/2019 04:29PM  
Thanks David,
I was very lucky to have you as my " happy camper" leader.
I would go anywhere with you sir!
You make any trip better with your fun adventurous spirit and presence!
I will happily start planning another trip.
I'm super excited to go back! I'm definitely wanting to portage again, and see new lakes.
I have several ideas, some from other people who gave me great ideas for some of the next few fun adventures with you.
Loved our trip,
Nazgirl1 ( Andrea)
Guest Paddler
11/04/2019 03:22PM  
Hi Boonie,
I have been reading more trip reports lately.
I am going to go to bwca in the spring ( late may) to do some trail clearing as a volunteer.
Have you ever done that?
The powwow trail, and other trails, apparently need to be done.
I was wondering what kind of backpack you would recommend, as well as a 2 person tent with full length rain fly and footprint.
I will be going solo, but want some good quality gear, and extra space in my tent. Lol.
You can reply here, or via email at
Thanks again for all of the helpful info in advance.
Andrea :)
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