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member (8)member
07/26/2019 07:33AM  
I've read through forum and gleaned some info. I am wondering if someone can give me a concise description of the portages from Homer to Vern.

Vern to Juno
Juno to Brule
Maybe a side trip to Pipe.

They seem short. Are they easy? I have first timers going with me and I've never done this route.

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distinguished member(2673)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/26/2019 09:40AM  
Went Homer to Vern last July. The portage from Homer to Whack could be pretty muddy for the first 5-10 rods or so, especially if it has been wet. There were a few downed logs to help with footing and we relocated several more that were lying along the trail to that first muddy section. Careful with footing there and wear footwear that can get wet/muddy. After that is was a pretty easy portage. The portage from whack to Vern was even easier, short and a decent trail. Also went to Pipe for a daytrip and no real obstacles there. The last one to Pipe has some elevation gain but none are long.

If you happen to stay in the Vern Lake area, a daytrip up the Vern River will provide some nice scenery and good fishing opportunities.

Here is a trip report if you are interested:

Homer to Vern
member (8)member
07/26/2019 11:08AM  
Thanks. Great report and pics!
member (8)member
07/27/2019 08:54AM  
Anybody else?
07/28/2019 10:23AM  
I took first times on this trip the opposite direction. They are really easy portages.

Things to note are

On the Juno side from Vern, the last 20 feet are really steep so make sure you have your footing down.

Vern to Juno kind of goes by a creek and at times might be a little difficult footing and maybe hard to see the actual trail. Feet will probably get wet.

Juno to Brule is like a highway. Super easy.

Both of those portages are perfect for first timers.

member (8)member
08/01/2019 09:14AM  
Awesome. Thanks!
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