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08/09/2019 08:52AM
Is anyone aware of a rule stating that you need a permit to sell any photos that were taken in the BW?
If there is such a rule, is there a quota on how many permits are given out?
If there is such a rule, is there a published list somewhere of those who have gotten a permit?
I am asking these questions because a friend who has photographed professionally in the BW (among many other parks and wilderness areas) for many years has been told that he now needs a permit to do so and they won't give him one because they feel that there are already enough people doing this.

I would like to add that I am talking about a person who loves and respects the wilderness and follows the rules more than anyone that I have ever paddled with.
Thank you.
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08/09/2019 05:41PM
Yes photos and videos used commercially for the profit of the person taking them need permitting. A few filmographers on this website have much more info.

08/12/2019 04:31PM
I heard this on one of NibiMocs' YouTube videos... apparently he got a letter stating he needed a permit. Then he tried to get the permit and it was denied.
I have been intending to dig further into it, since I sell a few photos to magazines and calendars. I can't imagine everyone who takes a camera into the wilderness and sells an occasional image, needs to go through this red tape. Makes sense for commercial crews that would be more intrusive though.
Does anyone have a link with more information?
08/12/2019 10:12PM
Special Uses
Take it as you will but I assume selling photos constitutes commercial use.

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