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09/02/2019 06:13PM  
Does anyone have experience with canoe camping any of the lake near Atikokan but not in Quetico? I'm thinking Marmion Lake, Crooked Pine, the Seine River, etc. What are the laws regarding camping on Crown land? Thank you in advance.
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09/02/2019 10:53PM  
Paging Miss Molly to the white courtesy phone.
09/03/2019 07:42PM  
Consider the Turtle Rv route starting at White Otter Lk where you can check out Jimmy McQuat’s White Otter Castle. We did it in early June and encountered no people. Crown land camping permits would be required. Turtle Rv-White Otter Provincial Park while a non-operating park still requires a fee. Contact Quetico PP headquarters in Atikokan for further info on PP camping and crown land camping.
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09/04/2019 06:38AM  
Jackfish: "Paging Miss Molly to the white courtesy phone."

That's a keeper!

Back on topic, the person who runs Quetico College seemed pretty knowledgeable as he's located right in that area. We stayed at the college the night before this years trip and it was very nice. I can't remember his name (I think it's Mike) but he's the only guy around. Another contact would be Doug at Quetico Qutfitters. He's just east of Atikokan.

Safe travels......Mike
member (46)member
09/04/2019 04:35PM  
Thank you for your response and suggestion.
09/07/2019 07:38AM  
Seconding Turtle River & White Otter.
Was there in early June 2018 with my 10-year-old twins...went to the castle, covered 25 miles in 5 days and never saw another soul - but that is because White Otter lake is a great fishery with a delayed fishing opener in mid-June. There is motor traffic then.
Did have to clear deadfall off the access road to the launch at the south end of White Otter Lake...we were the first folks in there last year.
Have fun!
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09/14/2019 09:50AM  
You can camp pretty much anywhere you want as long as you're not near a paved road. They don't want folks driving down the few paved roads to set tents alongside the roads. You need a permit and I always buy one in gratitude, but I've never been checked or seen any sort of officer. The area is a warren of logging roads. You can see them from Google Earth. However, what you can't see from space are the driving challenges you might encounter. Don't hesitate to turn back if the going gets too rough. Just try another logging road. Also, walk through all puddles before driving through them. If the bottom is hard, you should be find. If the bottom is soft, then turn around. However, if the bottom is soft, but atop something hard, you should be find.
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09/14/2019 10:14AM  
Thank you MissMolly
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09/14/2019 12:43PM  

This is me not applying my advice. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And expensive!
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10/10/2019 02:59PM  
I have been going to the Turtle River Provincial Park since I was 10. You will need camping permits. Roughly $10 per person per day.

Email me your phone number if you want to discuss access points etc and if you are looking for someone to trip with.
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