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09/05/2019 07:02AM
Planning to get back into tripping and noticed that the above is quite common. How heavy are they empty? Are they a good choice?

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09/05/2019 07:20AM
I use a Kondos Trailblazer pack for my 30L. Fits perfectly and I have two zipper pockets.
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09/05/2019 08:00AM
Our group tried one two years ago. The owner never carried the barrel pack. It was always the last pack to be portaged. It became a dumping ground for gear. It was hard to pull items out as things were buried deep.

The blue barrel only made one trip.
09/05/2019 08:48AM
Whether it's a good choice for you depends on the type and length of trip and type of food. I'm mostly solo and eat dehydrated food, so not necessary for me. Mine just goes in Ursacks/bear canisters, which go in my pack. If you go on group trips and have bulkier foods, it may be a good option.
09/05/2019 09:32AM
I really like my blue barrel. It weighs just under 4 lbs. With my CCS harness 6.5 lbs. I can fit food and cook wear for 2 people for 7-8 days or 22 days of food and and cook wears for soloing. Soloing cook wear is very minimum thats why all the extra days. I like my CCS harness as Dan put plenty of grab loops in strategic places making it easy to get in and out of canoe. Also has storage on top for rain gear or loose items on portages. I just bought 3 barrel bags from Dan to make it easier to get to the bottom of my barrel and know where things are.
09/05/2019 10:53AM
I agree with all the positive things that minnmike says, plus I like using mine as a seat and a table. Mine is a 60 liter with a CCS barrel pack. I also use three barrel bags from CCS in different colors so it takes no time at all to dig out what I need.

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09/05/2019 12:52PM
The blue barrel negates the need to hang a food pack, which is great. We use a 60L barrel with a CCS barrel pack when we have groups of four, and a 30L barrel when there's just two of us (like tomorrow when we enter at EP16 for four nights). With the 30L barrel I actually carry it in a CCS deluxe insulated food pack, and there's enough room in the pack for the rest of the kitchen.
member (38)member
09/05/2019 08:43PM
I'm looking into the option too and have a question... if you can only have one... a superior one pack or a 60 L barrel with a harness?
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09/05/2019 09:08PM
I'd go the 60 L for the previous post.

I love them. I like not thinking of hanging in trees though admittingly I have also never had any issues with bears. Hell I have never even seen one up there except when I was 4 years old.

They are not heavy empty but they get heavy fast pending your dining style.
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09/09/2019 12:03PM
We use two 60L barrels for our three week trips. I really favor them. Pack smart at home so the bottom half of each barrel is for the latter part of the trip. A 60L can easily top 80 pounds so put heavy items in other packs for travel days. It is easier to see things in the barrel than a dark pack. Weather proof is another bonus. I have seen many big groups on whitewater rivers with everything in 60L barrels.
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09/09/2019 08:30PM
Plenty of people have lost their blue barrel and food to bears. Plenty have not. Just know they are not impenetrable so don't be careless.

Superior One is an amazing pack...
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