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09/19/2019 03:42PM
For those that have a long commute and are looking for podcasts related to the bwca, you might want to check out the All Eyes on Fishing Podcast

It is three walleye tournament anglers talking about fishing for walleyes.

Not specifically about the bwca, but it is about targeting one of the species of fish that can be found in the bwca.
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09/21/2019 03:29PM

Thanks for posting the Podcast Walleye Link.

I just listened to Fall Transition Bite #1 and Bite #2.

I did a 2 week Quetico trip (Burt, McIntrye, Robinson and Basswood) on Aug 29 - Sept 11th and I found walleyes hard to come by. They were scattered and deep ... 28 to 30 ft. I did manage a 28 1/2 inch eye on Basswood. The podcast said to use your fish finder and anchor right over walleyes on deeper structure during the fall transition period and use jigging raps/shiver minnows, blade baits and 3/8 oz. jigs and paddletails. Also, the Podcast advised to also try and long line troll shallow structure at night.

During this trip I could not anchor as the wind was just too strong to try and hover over a deep hump or reef. And, I fished hard all day and was just too worn out to give night fishing a try. Additionally, it got dark quite early during our trip time in September.

We did have descent luck catching lakers and small mouth though. Lakers were found all over on the clear water lakes we fished. We found it crazy that we were catching large 18- 19 inch football sized smallies suspended in 60 to 80 ft of water when we were trolling Deep Tail Dancer Rapalas and Dr. Spoons with a weight clipped out in front of the line for lake trout. Smallies caught in deep water had big ciscoes in their mouths just like the lakers we were catching ... I have never caught so many smallies that deep on a Quetico trip.

Interesting too ... big northerns were feasting on these deep ciscoes as well. We caught several nice sized northerns trolling real deep where northerns were suspended as well.

I usually go to Quetico the last week of June and 1st week of July. Walleyes are usually 13 to 15 ft deep and schooled up on wind blown points and humps at this time of year ... making catching them a lot easier than in early fall when they are deep and scattered.

I really have to work on my skill set and learn how to catch eyes in September. Listening to Podcasts like "All Eyes on Fishing" should help for sure.

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09/21/2019 08:17PM
09/22/2019 08:35AM
Thanks for posting the link.

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