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      Yakima Rack Question - 2001 suburban     



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09/21/2019 03:31PM
Need helpful advice from all owners of 2000 era Suburban/Yukon/Tahoe’s who use Yakima racks. I use Yakima the railgrabber towers to connect to the factory side rails. Because of the curve of the roof and the low factory side rails, there is very little clearance between the roof and the racks. I can’t even turn the tightening screws on the gunwale holders.

What have you folks done to deal with this?
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09/21/2019 05:20PM
Yakima used to offer taller towers to deal with your situation. If they don’t have anymore check craigslist for them. Quick-n-Easy towers would also work.

I have the Quick-n-Easy full rack assembly with 8 gunnel clamps on 78” bars (for two canoes). Also a set of 4 towers which fit 1” diameter bars. Both are available.
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