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10/16/2019 09:30PM  
Has anyone ever paddled the Flathead River in Montana? I drove along side of it this week while in Montana for work and it was unbelievably beautiful. Mountains all around and the fall colors were spectacular.
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10/17/2019 05:11AM  
No experience here, but always looking for places to paddle. One article caught my attention and seemed useful: Article
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10/17/2019 04:46PM  
Wow very nice. Spent a week walking around in glacier. If I ever went back I might consider having some bear spray along. But it would probably just make the bear mad.
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10/17/2019 06:48PM  
Pete. We were out in Glacier NP in Sept. for a while. Although we didn't float it we crossed the North Fork several times once as far north as Polebridge along the northwest side of Glacier NP. I had considered a day trip but the better half didn't want to go along. I noticed that there are a lot of outfitters/guides in the Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and West Glacier area. I'm sure they'd provide you with information as would the parks folks. Looks to me that they do a lot of whitewater rafting and drift boat fishing for trout depending on one's interests.

I had run across that article bill conner sent along while researching whether or not to take my canoe along. Glad I didn't this trip but would really enjoy getting back out there to do some fishing. It's been a while. I agree with you......some incredible country out there!

Safe travels.....Mike
10/17/2019 08:24PM  
Rafted the Middle Fork of the Flathead this summer. There were some shallow spots that you'd need to get out and walk, and there were some chutes that would require more skill than I have to do in a canoe...but probably doable for experienced whitewater folks.

It is indeed stunningly beautiful!
10/18/2019 11:18AM  
The portion of the Flathead River that I drove along was south and west of Polson. The river was wide and flowing with no visible riffles. I've read there are some. Pretty much flat as glass from what I could see. Beautiful valley with mountains on both sides. Oh, how I wanted to go for a nice long paddle!

When I looked up the Flathead online, I found out there are north, middle and south forks of the river, but all are north of Flathead lake. The portion I saw was simply listed as the Flathead River. Would be fun to fish it, too!
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10/18/2019 02:02PM  
You really got me thinking about a return trip out there WITH canoes and fishing tackle.
In a past life I've fished the Yellowstone area on several occasions and really miss it. However, I've never fished further north than on the Madison near Ennis, MT. I have a nephew in Missoula who could get me going up in that neck of the woods.

Thanks for the reminder..........Mike
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11/21/2019 07:34AM  
Oh, I was thinking of a place farther upstream. Thank you for the link. That is a very beautiful area.
11/21/2019 08:54AM  
93 looking north to Polson on Flathead Lake MT.
The Flathead River is on the left south running thru Flathead Indian Reservation and north splitting from the Middle Brach near Hungry Horse relatively slow and twisty, Glacier NP on the right side. Drove HY 2 along Middle Fork Flathead River last June.

sns, when Cathy and I were there first week of June the water was very high and fast. The few rafters we watched "experienced whitewater folks." and quite brave.

mpeebles, if or when ya go stop for a pizza and brew at Highlander Brew Missoula +++++!

Taking a canoe will get interesting, most of the Rockies states have Aquatic Invasive Species Network inspection stations on regular travel routes, and do require canoe inspections.

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