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11/17/2019 11:17AM  
New Trip Report posted by PappyCase

Trip Name: LIS September Paddle.

Entry Point: 14

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11/17/2019 07:11PM  
I enjoyed your report. We were in that same area about 3 weeks later... also enjoyed watching and listening to the trumpeter swans from the penninsula site on Lower Pauness.
Pretty cool you saw the eagles' nest... we didn't see that.
The Elm portage is one of the nicest in the Boundary Waters and it was really rocking from all the rain when we were there and so was Devils Cascade!
11/18/2019 10:21AM  
Thanks for feedback. Nothing beats sitting under a tarp in a light rain with a hot beverage and hearing the swans! Glad you enjoyed your trip too.
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