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11/20/2019 09:57AM
Can anybody suggest 100% waterproof, pretty warm gloves for early spring and late fall? They need to have pretty good dexterity, as I'd like to keep them on while fishing. Obviously they'd be used while paddling.

I need them to replace gloves that get wet while paddling, fishing or just a rainy day. I hate cold hands.

I say "pretty warm" because it doesn't get terribly cold in mid-May and early October. I think the insulation would restrict flexibility and dexterity, so that's a trade-off I'd have to make. Worst case I'd use a warmer, non-waterproof glove around camp if needed.
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11/20/2019 12:16PM
Maybe NRS Hydroskin gloves.
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11/21/2019 03:09AM
This I've seen the Cross Point Knit gloves for $35 if you look around
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11/21/2019 08:28AM

They aren't pretty, but they get the job done. These are the gloves Japanese fishermen use all the time working on the deck of boats. I picked up a pair for the motorcycle and absolutely swear by them. Warm, waterproof, and have enough grip on them to grab fish. And the price is right.

Showa Best 282 Gloves
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11/21/2019 11:15AM
I've had pretty good luck with these Glacier Gloves. They're obviously not 100% waterproof with the slit finger & thumb, but they've kept me warm, and the dexterity is hard to beat. They really shine with a baitcaster in late fall muskie season.
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11/22/2019 12:05AM
I have the NRS Maverick Paddling gloves. I paid $55 for them, they are waterproof, but my fingers stayed dry, but not as warm as I thought they would. This was paddling in 45 degree weather, and my fingers still got cold. I'm not sure how they would work fishing...
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11/22/2019 10:04AM
about 30 years ago I was in a Holiday store in the fishing equipment area and spotted some neoprene gloves that were cheap enough to grab my attention and buy them, if you knew me you'd know they couldn't have been more than about 10 bucks, I still use them and although they now leak because I've also used them in winter while changing tires on my cars or any other similar situation that requires warm hands and dexterity

these aren't kinda warm, they are warm! I use them in the shoulder season for paddling, also they are great when fishing to grab fish out of the water or remove hooks, that's what they were made for

I don't know about the other suggestions, but when I want warm hands paddling or fishing, this is what I've used for the past 30 years, they fit like a glove (LOL) and aren't ridiculously big like the ones somebody linked to Amazon

BTW, those nitrile gloves that are super thin also work good, if you eliminate the water and air, you really don't need much in the way of insulation, and for a cheapskate like me work well when I can't find my neoprene ones (which usually turn up stuffed in my PFD or under a seat in one of my vehicles) did I mention I am cheap?
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11/23/2019 08:38PM
+1 on thin neoprene for the dexterity and the cheap comfort!
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11/23/2019 08:50PM
You might take a look at the various models of sealskinz. I hate paddling with gloves because of the loss of dexterity so I go with the fingerless NRS Guide gloves until the cold forces me to wear something bulkier. The thinnest sealskinz aren't the warmest (not even close to Glacier Gloves) but they are waterproof with pretty good dexterity and definitely warmer than any fingerless gloves especially if you get your gloves wet. Mine are probably 25 years old...before they offered so many models. The bright yellow ones for $55 seem closest to what I have and they also offer black ones with a longer gauntlet (for $60) that they also describe as being "like the originals". I think those two models are the thinnest so the best for dexterity. I have one pair of NRS neoprene that may be a bit warmer but they give up dexterity relative to the sealskinz...but I haven't looked at all of the NRS gloves lately so maybe they offer something thinner than what I have.
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