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11/30/2019 02:07PM
Like the title says what would you say is the biggest difference planning wise between a 3 to 4 day trip and day 1 to 2 week trip?

Thanks, Canoe Viking
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11/30/2019 03:06PM
The main differences I see, especially as you get closer to 2 weeks, is you have more options and flexibility in route and travel choices, and you have more uncertainty about weather, especially in shoulder seasons.

Obviously, 14 days is a lot more food (and weight) than 4 days. More fuel, more TP, more batteries, more toothpaste, etc.
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11/30/2019 05:11PM
Food and weather
Savage Voyageur
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11/30/2019 06:16PM
More adult beverages, fish batter and leeches.
11/30/2019 08:48PM
Savage Voyageur: "More adult beverages. "

My first thought also.
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11/30/2019 10:08PM
Realistically, the differences in terms of planning are not significant. If you need it for a 3 day trip, you need it for a two-weeker. Obviously, you'll need more of the consumables for the longer trip, but other than that, it shouldn't be any different.

There are many details that might potentially make a slight difference (do you fish? what time of year? trip style? age of paddlers? etc.), but that's not really in the *planning* stage so much as in what you bring, what you don't, what you need, what you can leave behind.

It should be mentioned, though, that it's easier to live without something for three days than it is for two weeks, so the cost of forgetting something (or for bringing waaaay more than you need) is higher on the longer trip. If that changes planning by triple and quadruple-checking your packing lists, then so be it.
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11/30/2019 10:50PM
Here are some things that may differ:

Personal hygiene - While I might be able to go 3-4 days (or even 7) with some simple refreshing type hygiene products, I think 14 days might require something more involved. (soaps/shampoo/solar shower?)

More undergarments or a way to "refresh" those that I have brought along. The same for socks.

More TP (and a waterproof way to store)

Foods may have to change for the longer trip lengths. My experience is that breads or tortillas will probably be pretty stale or moldy after a week. You might have to bring more shelf stable foods to cook (Bisquick, cornbread mix or pastas?) into bread substitutes.

More stove fuel

More books for rainy days (or ones you can trade with your partner).

Either more batteries or a way to recharge. AND more picture/movie memory storage devices.

More trash bags. After 14 days the trash will have a strong odor. Maybe a way to double bag and reduce the odor from escaping?

More length usually equals more miles and more maps.

Longer trips means that there can be more time between something unfortunate happening (injury or other mishap) and someone knowing that you are in trouble (usually being late to exit). It may be prudent to carry a PLB device for longer trips.

12/01/2019 03:55PM
Food and everything associated with it (fresh vs. dehydrated, tp, pack space, etc). Everything else, literally, remains the same for me. Unless, of course, you are talking winter trips. Whole different ballgame.
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12/01/2019 05:32PM
Mostly covered very well. More of the consumables like food and fuel, probably a change of clothes but I usually carry a back up set anyway, and definitely close review during packing so nothing is forgotten.
In planning I am more likely to travel each day on a shorter trip, but plan on some base camp time on longer trips. Particularly I like a few comfort items and may carry them to a base and then day trip from that base so hauling the comfort items around is less an issue.
12/01/2019 07:20PM
To me the biggest difference between a 4 day trip and a 12 day trip is the difference between say 40 miles and 120 miles. There are a lot more options for routes. Unless you just plan to go in a day and basecamp in both scenarios.
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12/01/2019 08:01PM
Whether I go for 3 days or 30 days, I pack the same clothing. With quick dry garments you can always give them a quick wash if you aren't feeling fresh enough. I pack the same cook gear and camping equipment. I pack extra meds, food, and fuel.
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12/02/2019 09:53AM
The difference between the two isn't equipment, it's sustainment. As others have mentioned, you likely won't bring any more or less equipment 4 days vs. 14 days. But food is a different story, and an extra 10 days is another packs worth of grub. You'll also need to pack more toilet paper, bug juice, etc.

Another option regarding clothes: wash them halfway through. Heat some water, go deep in the woods, wash with a mild biodegradable, and rinse. Hang to dry. It'll work out fine. No sense in packing 14 shirts.

12/02/2019 10:11AM
Thanks everyone for the tips. You have shared what I thought was the case plus some good tips. I’m hope to take my first 7-8 day trip soon. I always feel after just 3 days I’m starting to get in my grove and feel I’m leaving when it just getting good.
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12/02/2019 11:55AM
I am planning now for my first 2 week trip, the previous trips being from 6-8 days.
I don't plan on bringing more clothes. My 2018 trip was so hot that all my clothes needed washed, and I realized that all you needed was a good day of weather to freshen up any dirty clothes. Quick wash and hang to dry.
I am contemplating carrying the same fuel amount, and cooking over the fire more. I will take extra fuel in the car, and conditions (fire ban, lots of rain) will dictate whether to leave it in the car or bring it along.
I am also contemplating my comfort items and their weight, since I will be bringing nearly double the food weight.
Last year, I had planned for 2 fish dinners, and that worked perfectly. Bring less food if you can catch your dinner.
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12/02/2019 09:44PM
Building on things said above we wash clothes at around day 5 and also start baking bread around then.

The best part of a long trip for us is going far in and then sitting for a few days somewhere secluded and beautiful and doing some day trips. Sort of basecamping after getting far from an entry point.

Have a great time.
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12/07/2019 07:43PM
All the replies so far have been logistical types of things. More of this, an extra that, don't forget the, etc.

How about you and your body. I don't know your age or physical condition, but, every "body" responds differently to the physical exertion of the longer trip. Some things you might think about:

The fit of your PFD. Mine fits pretty well, but even with that I can get some hot spots after a few days of paddling. Usually in the neck and shoulder areas. You might consider carrying some "Body Glide" to prevent or treat blisters in these areas. Portaging can also develop some chafing in sensitive areas as well and the "Body Glide" can help with this also.

Paddling for longer than 7 days can either make you stronger or develop some repetitive stress and strain. Some or extra Vitamin I (ibuprofen) may be needed.

How do your portage shoes fit? Are they in good condition? After more than a few days of wet and dry will the seams and soles still be intact?

Do you wet foot? More than 7 days of having your feet be wet all day can start to grow things in your socks, shoes, and on your feet. Those softened tissues can also blister much easier.

12/18/2019 09:47PM
Consumables are the main thing. We can squeeze about 30 peson*days of food in a 60 L barrel. We need another pack for more than that.

Battery charging is another issue. For trips over a week, I bring a solar charger in addition to battery packs, but I'm still not sure how long my setup is sustainable at our normal usage.

Hygiene and laundry can also be challenging but are pretty manageable and don't really require added planning, although the longer my trip, the harder to leave that extra change of clothes at home.

The other thing is that longer trips also may require more planning for home while you are gone. You can leave your cat alone for a couple days but not two weeks. I almost forgot to pay my bills before going on one trip.
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